New on EDA Blog – 2007.07.06

MEMS in Consumer Electronics
According to In-Stats, nearly all major categories of MEMS have seen, or may soon see, applications in consumer products. As a result, the worldwide MEMS market in consumer electronics will grow from $727 million (US) in 2006 to over $1 billion (US) by 2009. MEMS will expand to a broad array of consumer applications including game consoles, portable consumer electronics devices (such as digital camcorders), and GPS devices.

CE Devices with Hardware Security
ABI Research expects over 60 million CE devices will ship with hardware security by 2013. In today’s consumer electronics products, hardware IC features play little role in protecting copyrighted content. However, processor companies are enhancing their architectures and embracing security features that will simplify secure software implementations and make it much more difficult to copy and share protected content.

Top Five Mobile Phone Vendors
Take a look at IDC’s most recent data on the top five mobile phone vendors below. (Note: LG Electronics has changed the way it reports shipments. Using this new method LG reduced shipment volumes for Q106 by nearly 1.5 million to 14.1 million units and raised volumes for Q406 by nearly 1 million to 17.9 million units. Using the revised numbers, year on year growth for Q1 2007 would be 12.1% rather than 1.6%, while sequential growth would decline. IDC is in the process of evaluating the changes and will update historical data as necessary in later releases.)