Sensium Platform for Wireless Health Monitoring

The integrated Sensium (TM) platform, by Toumaz Technology, is a new ultra-low power wireless infrastructure system for health and lifestyle monitoring applications. The highly integrated Sensium chip has met all the targeted accuracy and performance parameters in initial functional testing.

Based on Toumaz’s patented Advanced Mixed Signal (AMx (TM)) technology, the groundbreaking Sensium platform provides a whole solution to cover the “last meter” and connect the mobile individual via any existing network to a healthcare provider – from the hardware (including body-worn and base station Sensiums) and wireless link protocols to the operating system. By delivering a complete system of intelligent body-worn wireless sensors and associated networking at significantly lower power than any other solution, Toumaz is enabling a new generation of low-cost, disposable, personalised healthcare and lifestyle solutions.

With the delivery of the integrated platform – incorporating an improved ultra-low power wireless transceiver (including both RF and baseband functionality), reconfigurable sensor interface and digital block with a low power 8051 processor and memory on a single 4 x 4 mm chip- Toumaz has delivered a key milestone on the road to volume production of Sensium-enabled health and lifestyle monitoring devices.

The Sensium ultra-low power wireless platform allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor vital signs and other bio-markers from mobile individuals in real-time, via standard PDAs, cellphones and USB-enabled computers. Powered by low-cost low profile batteries, one or more Sensium-enabled “digital plasters” can continuously monitor multiple key physiological parameters.

Today, ECG heart rate, body temperature, respiration and activity level are all easily measured, while emerging sensors will enable bio-chemical markers such as blood glucose and blood oxygen to be continuously measured in the near future. The body-worn Sensium (“digital plaster”) collects, processes and extracts the key features of the data and intelligently reports to a base station Sensium plugged into a PDA, smart phone, or fixed room unit via an ultra low-power, short-range radio telemetry link, using Toumaz’s power optimized Nano-power Sensor Protocol operating system. From there, the data can be further filtered and processed by application software and integrated into existing medical information systems, such as those employing the worldwide HL7 standard, to provide a complete end-to-end system and the foundation for a total patient care package.

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