Rosetta Embeddable Hardware Security Module

The Rosetta Micro, by SPYRUS, is the first micro-sized, low-cost embeddable Hardware Security Module (HSM) for highly secure authentication and encryption for embedded devices. The rapid growth of capabilities in consumer electronic devices, such as PDAs or smart phones, has created a challenge in these converged data and communications platforms. The Rosetta Micro solves this challenge.

Rosetta Micro is designed for embedded environments requiring high security, where board space and power are key limitations. It meets these requirements versus competitive products through:

  • Using the next generation Suite B algorithms, the strongest commercial-off-the-shelf cryptographic algorithms available today to protect sensitive data in these embedded devices
  • Using a high entropy internal hardware Random Number Generator
  • Measures less than 0.3 cm3 in volume or 1/66 the size of competing products
  • Draws less than 20mW of power, significantly less than competing products

These features make the Rosetta Micro ideally suited for integration into both custom and mass-market products requiring small size, low power and high security, including computers, cell phones, PDAs, routers, point of sale terminals, set top boxes and industrial control devices.

The Rosetta Micro provides additional high security functionality such as policy enforcement features which extend next generation data containment functionality to the platforms in which it is embedded. For example, it supports a unique split knowledge feature, enabling applications to manage the device so that the device can be used only in authorized systems. It also has enabled advanced tamper-reacting circuitry ensuring all critical security parameters are zeroized if an attempt is made to tamper with the chip while it is powered on. The Rosetta Micro can be used to enable PKI-based digital certificate security to provide users with the ability to perform secure computer smart card log on, email encryption and digital signatures, and authenticated web browsing. The Rosetta Micro fully supports the CAPI Next Generation (CNG) capabilities of Windows(R) Vista(TM), as well as supporting legacy systems such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP. These advanced security mechanisms allow the Rosetta Micro to protect sensitive data from unauthorized use.

Suite B provides a series of algorithms suitable for lifetime authentication and encryption security and is mandated by NIST for all critical infrastructure and government use after 2010. SPYRUS is the first security company to incorporate support for Suite B cryptographic algorithms, and stronger algorithms, into all its hardware and software products. Rosetta Micro also supports the legacy FIPS-approved algorithms (RSA 1024/2048, 3DES, SHA-1) for backward compatibility with existing applications. This strong security in a flexible form factor brings unprecedented assurance to mobile environments, where consumer electronic device capabilities have challenged enterprise data and communication security.

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