New on EDA Blog – 2007.06.22

Semiconductor Shipments to Reach $262 Billion
According to Semico, continued demand for communications and portable computing devices with innovative new features will drive purchases this year and help to boost sales of the semiconductors used in these products. Semico sees continued strong demand for communications and portable computing devices influenced by three factors: cell phones are adding computer-like functions; handheld devices are being designed with wireless connectivity; and high-end cell phones and notebooks are converging.

Wi-Fi-Only Not Enough
In a recent In-Stat survey, respondents only had a lukewarm response to the concept of Wi-Fi-only phones replacing cellular phones. The majority of respondents expressed at least marginal interest in Wi-Fi-only phones, but almost 25% expressed absolutely no interest in the survey.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
According to a Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics report, ADAS applications only score a 1% penetration rate in light vehicle production (ADAS is short for Advanced Driver Assistance System). Camera and parking assistance systems, however, did much better and came in at 20%.

Intel Plays with NAND and NOR Flash
Intel has been a leader in NOR Flash for over a decade. According to In-Stat, Intel is now moving aggressively in the NAND Flash market. The company is making significant investments in NAND to support its goal of becoming one of the top players in this business.