Renesas SH7764 SuperH Microprocessor

Renesas’ SH7764 microprocessor is a 32-bit device with a maximum operating frequency of 324MHz. The chip features a SuperH(R) SH-4A CPU core and an array of peripheral functions and communication capabilities, including a 2D graphics engine, Ethernet controller, USB Host/function controller, ATAPI hard-drive controller and LCD controller. The SH7764 microprocessor can support standard operating systems such as embedded Linux(R) and Windows(R) CE for development of feature-rich platforms. The SH7764 microprocessor delivers performance of 583 MIPS, while saving time and resources when used together with the advanced operating systems.

The SH7764′s SH-4A CPU core has a large-capacity cache memory (32 Kbytes each for instructions and data), an on-chip 16-Kbyte RAM, and a 108MHz 32/64-bit bus for connections to external high-speed SDRAM. An on-chip floating-point processing unit (FPU) supports single- and double-precision arithmetic operations, achieves 2.3 GFLOPS (giga floating-point operations per second) maximum computational performance at single precision, and provides hardware support of sine/cosine operations and vector arithmetic operations for fast 3D graphics drawing. Using the FPU multimedia or other processing reduces the CPU load, allowing multiple applications to run simultaneously.

On-chip peripherals for implementing storage functions include the ATAPI controller, a NAND flash controller, and a memory card controller. Support for communication functions is provided by the Ethernet controller and USB interface, a serial communication interface with FIFO (first-in-first-out), and an I2C bus interface. On-chip display functions comprise the 2D graphics engine for screen drawing and the LCD controller and a digital RGB output function for display purposes. Other built-in functions are a serial sound interface (SSI) for digital audio playback, 32-bit timer, watchdog timer (WDT), and DMA controller (DMAC).


  • SH7764 R5S77640N300BG
    Package: 404-pin BGA (19 mm x 19 mm)
    Consumer use
    Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +85 degrees C
    Price: $25
  • SH7764 R5S77640P300BG
    Automotive use
    Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85 degrees C
    Price: $29

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