News – 2007.06.12

Broadcom Acquires Global Locate, GPS Technology
Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Global Locate, Inc., a privately-held, fabless provider of industry-leading global positioning system (GPS) and assisted GPS (A-GPS) semiconductor products and software. GPS is expected to join Bluetooth(R) and similar wireless technologies as a pervasive feature in next generation mobile devices. Global Locate’s semiconductor solutions are used in mobile phones from leading cellular handset makers and incorporated into products from TomTom NV, the largest personal navigation device (PND) vendor in the world.

Freescale Offers Alternative with Capacitive Touch Sensors
Touch sensors have become increasingly popular as more interfaces use touch panels to reliably respond to commands. Freescale Semiconductor, a leading designer and manufacturer of sensor devices, is meeting this demand for touch-sensitive control with the introduction of two highly sensitive touch pad controllers.

Image Sensor Market Grows to Over $6 Billion
The image sensor market reached $6 billion in 2006, a jump of over 30% over 2005, with sales expected to grow another 14% in 2007, according to a new market report from Strategies Unlimited. The market will gradually slow in the next several years, but the year-over-year growth will still provide large opportunities and challenges as the leading players jockey for position.

Chipworks, Yole to Offer In-Depth Analysis for MEMS Industry
Chipworks, the leader in reverse engineering and technical analysis of semiconductors and microelectronic systems and Yole Développement, a MEMS market research and business development consulting company, announced an agreement to work collaboratively to provide more in-depth business and technical analysis for the MEMS industry.

Solid Triples Performance with solidDB 6 In-Memory Database
Solid Information Technology, the leading provider of fast, always-on and affordable databases used in more than 3,000,000 mission-critical deployments worldwide, announced that solidDB 6(TM) more than tripled the performance of the previous version in a benchmark performed by Sun Microsystems and Solid on an eight-core Sun UltraSPARC(TM) T1 “coolthreads” processor. The release of these benchmark results coincides with the general availability of solidDB 6, the next generation of Solid’s embedded database designed for real-time applications and service delivery platforms used in the communications industry.

Semtech Announces Dual-Output, Synchronous Step-Down Buck Controller
Semtech Corp. (Nasdaq:SMTC), a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, announced the SC416, a dual-output, synchronous step-down controller with comprehensive features to track start-up and shutdown voltages in notebook computers, portable devices, tablet PCs, and embedded applications.

Summit Launches Single-Cell, Li-Ion Linear Battery Charger IC
Summit Microelectronics has further expanded its family of Programmable Battery Charger integrated circuits (ICs) with the introduction of the SMB139 single-cell, Li-Ion and Li-Polymer linear battery charger. The device’s battery charging profile can be configured to adapt easily to new system designs and battery types. Furthermore, the SMB139′s tiny size makes it ideal for portable applications that require the smallest possible charging footprint. The SMB139 integrates many protection features, thereby ensuring the highest level of safety and eliminating the need for additional external components.

Digi ConnectPort X Features ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Ethernet
Digi International (NASDAQ:DGII) introduced the ConnectPort X product family, a line of IP gateways that provide seamless connectivity of ZigBee, Wi-Fi, cellular and Ethernet traffic to centralized applications and databases. The ConnectPort X family is augmented by new families of XBee(TM) adapters and wall routers that provide end-device connectivity and network extension. These new products signify the introduction of a broader category of Drop-in Networking solutions requested by Digi customers. Drop-in Networking solutions provide end-to-end wireless connectivity to commercial grade electronic devices in locations where wired infrastructure doesn’t exist or satisfy customer needs. According to Glen Allmendinger, president, Harbor Research: “These Drop-in Networking solutions prove that Digi’s innovation and leadership are un-matched.”

Wind River Creates Advanced Networking Technologies for NEPs
Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), announced the immediate availability of the DSO industry’s most comprehensive advanced networking technology portfolio, Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies. Leveraging technology from the company’s March 2006 acquisition of privately-held Interpeak AB, Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies integrate functionality – including mobility, security, wireless, and advanced IP networking capabilities – into both VxWorks and Wind River Linux platforms. This product portfolio enables the DSO industry’s most full-featured, reliable, high-performing, scalable and configurable platforms.

Mocana Certificate Management Secures Connected Devices
Mocana Corporation, a software company that is enabling a secure networked society, announced the availability of Mocana Certificate Management. Certificate Management, the latest extension to Mocana’s Device Security Framework, represents a new class of infrastructure software which Mocana calls network applications, and provides critical functionality over networks to connected devices. Mocana’s Device Security Framework is made up of a unique combination of device-resident security software and security-centric network applications, such as Certificate Management, and provides a holistic security model for securing devices and device communications.

CSR Samples Ultra Low Power Bluetooth Technology
CSR (LSE:CSR), announced that the company will sample the industry’s first ULP (Ultra Low Power) Bluetooth silicon with a number of lead customers this year with silicon available in 2008. Previously known as Wibree, ULP Bluetooth is a new complementary Bluetooth technology that can be used to transfer simple data sets between compact devices and can run for up to ten years on one button cell battery. Adopted today by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), ULP Bluetooth creates a new market for Bluetooth connectivity, addressing products such as watches, training shoes, TV remote controls and medical sensors, to enable them to communicate with mobile phones and PCs.

High Tech Computer Selects TeamSpirit Mobile Voice&Video Engine
SPIRIT DSP, the world’s leading provider of embedded voice, audio and video software products, announced that High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC), the largest Windows Mobile based smart-phone OEM in the world, has chosen TeamSpirit(R) Mobile Voice&Video Engine to be integrated into its tri-band 3G phones, branded as HTC TyTN in Europe and HTC-Z in Japan.

Bluesocket Deploys Wind River Linux Platform for Network Equipment
Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), announced that Bluesocket has realized reduced time to market and the ability to focus on its core competencies by leveraging Wind River(R) Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition – the industry’s leading Carrier Grade Linux (CGL). Specifically, within one year of using Wind River Linux, Bluesocket upgraded its entire controller product line and launched the high-end BSAP-1700, the first enterprise-class Wi-Fi Certified Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Access Point. Today, Bluesocket can launch products more quickly and has been able to focus more on value-added feature development and testing rather than developing its own Linux distribution. The result: Wind River is considered a trusted, reliable technology partner.