Moxa ioLogik Active Ethernet I/O Server

Moxa’s Active Ethernet I/O products give system integrators a new option that relies on conditionally triggered I/O status notification with customizable output messages and simultaneous local output control. Rather than simply waiting for a request for information, the Ethernet I/O server intelligently transmits data over the network only when certain customizable I/O conditions are met. Network and host resources are not expended by the continual polling of the server when I/O conditions remain within the customizable threshold. This makes network communication between the host computer and Ethernet I/O server concise and efficient, and data transmission is 20 times faster than with traditional SCADA systems (50 ms compared to 1 sec).

A key component of Active Ethernet I/O is the patent-pending Click&Go(TM) logic control, which is used to configure the Ethernet I/O server’s local intelligence. Rather than laboriously programming in C or PLC-Ladder-Logic, the intuitive “If-Then” structure of Click&Go makes it easy for users to notify the server of what I/O conditions to watch for and what actions or events to trigger. Using Click&Go, configuration of your Active Ethernet I/O system can be completed quickly and with no formal training.


  • Instant event reporting by TCP/UDP/e-mail/SNMP trap
  • Easy local control without programming by patented Click&Go Logic
  • Windows VB and Windows/WinCE/Linux C API
  • Peer-to-Peer I/O without controller

Moxa currently offers two products that support Active Ethernet I/O

  • ioLogik E2210 with 12 DI, 8 DO
  • ioLogik E2240 with 8 AI, 2 AO

More info: MOXA Active Ethernet I/O