News – 2007.06.10

TSMC Reference Flow 8.0 for 45nm Process Includes Magma Software
Magma(R) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) announced that Magma’s Blast and Talus(TM) design implementation software, Quartz(TM) SSTA statistical analysis, Quartz DFM and SiliconSmart(R) DFM are included in TSMC Reference Flow 8.0. The Magma system addresses the design challenges and variability that emerge in 45-nanometer (nm) process geometries. Reference Flow 8.0 includes statistical timing analysis for intra-die variation, automated DFM hot-spot fixing and new dynamic low-power design methodologies.

DDC-I, aicas Team on Real-Time, Safety-Critical Java Solution
DDC-I, a leading supplier of development tools for safety-critical applications, announced that it has partnered with aicas to develop the industry’s most advanced real-time, safety-critical Java solutions. DDC-I will combine key elements of aicas’ patented JamaicaVM embedded Java technology with DDC-I’s own SCORE technology to create the industry’s first Eclipse-based mixed-language development and run-time environment that integrates real-time Java with C, Embedded C++, and Ada.

Avago Creates Input Device Module with Multi-Mode Linear, 2D Navigation
Avago Technologies announced an innovative input device module that combines a navigation pad module with a motion sense and interface integrated circuit (IC) to provide a mouse-like pointing solution for use in a wide range of handheld and gaming devices, computer peripherals, and remote controls for set-top box and multi-media PC applications. This new compact input device module from Avago is the first in the industry to incorporate a 5-way rocker switch with scrollwheel emulation (linear function), mouse and joystick (2D) navigation. Based on embedded capacitive sense technology, this input module will enable designers to develop input devices that can greatly enhance the user’s experience when navigating long menu lists on computers and handheld devices, and for analog cursor control in web browsing, gaming or digital camera applications. Avago is a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications.

Magma Creates RTL-to-GDSII Reference Flow for UMC 65nm Process
Magma(R) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, announced the availability of an integrated IC implementation reference flow for UMC’s (NYSE: UMC, TSE: 2303), advanced 65-nanometer (nm) process. Similar reference flows are already available for 90-, 130- and 180-nanometer (nm). All reference flows are based on Blast Create(TM), Blast Plan(TM) Pro , Blast Fusion(R), Blast Rail(TM) and Blast Power(TM) and enable designers to address nanometer design considerations during implementation and within a single environment, maximizing quality of results (QoR) in terms of timing, area and power, while reducing turnaround time.

Atmel packs 1-Mbit Serial EEPROM into 8-lead TSSOP
Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the industry’s first 1-Mbit device in an 8-lead TSSOP (4.4mm) package. As the largest manufacturer of Serial EEPROMs worldwide, Atmel offers the industry’s widest product portfolio of Serial EEPROMs & Flash in 2-wire, SPI and 3-wire protocols. The AT24C1024B is the newest member of the 2-wire family of devices designed with Atmel’s advanced EEPROM technology, making it possible to fit a 1-Mbit EEPROM in an 8-lead TSSOP package. Previously, the highest available density by the industry was a 512K-bit. The AT24C1024B is also available in a SO8 narrow body, and 150mil JEDEC SOIC (3.8mm) and features a 2-wire protocol with clock frequency up to 1MHz.

Magma Offers SSTA Methodology for UMC 90nm, 65nm Processes
Magma(R) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, announced the availability of a statistical static timing analysis (SSTA) methodology based on Magma’s Quartz(TM) SSTA and tuned to UMC’s 90- and 65-nanometer (nm) processes. UMC selected the Magma software because it can effectively address timing and yield problems caused by process variation in 65-nm and below technologies, and because it has passed UMC’s rigorous qualification process.

28 Robot Vehicles Compete in Darpa Urban Challenge
In November 2007, driverless cars will be competing in the Darpa Urban Challenge in an American city. 3 of the 89 teams registered are still in the race following pre-selection and will now undergo inspection within the framework of so-called site visits by race management. To facilitate exact detection of their environments, the vehicles require intelligent eyes. As many as 13 teams rely on the specific automotive laser sensors from high-tech company Ibeo. These include the last Challenge winner “Stanley” from Stanford University and Team Oskosh which already successfully deployed Ibeo sensors at the Darpa Challenge 2005. Another 15 vehicles are equipped with industrial laser technology from its mother company, SICK AG.

e-con Systems Receives Order for Freescale i.MX31 Based Design
e-con Systems, a leading design services company based out of chennai, India announced that it has grabbed an order for board design based on Freescale’s i.MX31 processor running Linux 2.6.18. The project involves design and development of board running on i.MX31 processor at 532 Mhz. supporting peripherals like Wi-Fi, Ethernet with a considerably long battery back up.

Big Faceless Organization Unveils Java PDF Viewer v2
Big Faceless Organization (BFO), has released version 2.8 of their acclaimed Java PDF Library, featuring a complete redesign of their PDF Viewer package. The new Viewer is designed around a pluggable architecture allowing it to be easily customized to function as a PDF Viewer or PDF editor. Further extensions can also be written very easily for custom PDF workflows.

DSM Computer Publishes Latest BlueBook
The focus of DSM Computer’s current 2/2007 BlueBook edition is the wide product range based on fast Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processors. A total of 56 pages detail the technical data for all available Infinity industrial computers, Infinity panel systems, NanoServer embedded systems and slot CPUs as well as the comprehensive service range. A table of available bus boards and system components completes this color catalog.

Lynguent Welcomes Albert Hugo-Martinez to Board of Directors
Lynguent(R), an emerging supplier of integrated AMS design development products to the global semiconductor and electronics industries, announced that Albert J. Hugo-Martinez has joined its board of directors. Hugo-Martinez brings a wealth of industry experience, relationships, and expertise that will help Lynguent realize its potential as a significant new player in the analog/mixed signal design productivity software market. He currently serves as the founder and chairman of High Voltage Vertical Innovation, a high voltage frequency transistor company in Phoenix, Ariz. and of Power Control Networks, a power line communication company in San Diego, Calif. In addition, he is chairman of Reaction Design, San Diego, Calif., a software company focused on simulating engine designs as well as optimizing energy consumption by using alternate fuels.