24/7 Data Acquisition Wildcard

The 24/7 Data Acquisition Wildcard from Mosaic Industries is ideal for applications that require high resolution measurements. It accepts low level signals directly from transducers, amplifies and conditions them, and converts them with 24 bits of resolution with no missing codes. Mounted on any of Mosaic’s single board computers, it provides a high performance analog front end, offering exceptional resolution, stability, and noise rejection.

The analog-to-digital subsystem performs signal conditioning and conversion for up to 7 input channels. Amplifier gain, low-pass filter corner frequency, and sampling rate are all software programmable using simple commands. Conversion rate is programmable from 4.8 Hz to over 1010 Hz. Other features under software control include self-calibration, system calibration, input gain, filter cutoff, channel selection, signal polarity, and bipolar or unipolar input ranges.

The 24/7 Data Acquisition system can extract highly accurate data, even from noisy sources with imperfect signal conditioning in electrically harsh environments. It has 256 times the resolution of standard 16-bit converters, but at comparable cost.

This tiny 2″ by 2.5″ board is a member of the Wildcard(TM) series that connects to any of Mosaic’s controllers. Up to 8 mix-and-match Wildcards can be stacked onto Mosaic’s single board computers and graphical user interfaces for a unique combination of specialized I/O. Other Wildcards include Ethernet, USB, GPS, octal 12-bit D/A and 16-bit A/D converters, signal conditioning, Compact Flash card mass memory interface, fast buffered RS232/485 dual UART, high voltage/high current isolated I/O, AC or DC solid state relays, and more.

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