News – 2007.06.04 – Late Edition

Sagantec DFM-Fix Tool Corrects Lithography Hot Spots
Sagantec announced it has developed a DFM solution for correcting lithography hot spots found in physical IC designs in collaboration with Mentor Graphics. The new DFM flow uses Mentor Graphics’ Calibre(R) LFD(TM) (litho friendly design) tool to analyze the design layout and detect lithography hot spots. Sagantec’s DFM-Fix tool uses the Calibre LFD analysis results to correct hot spots and optimize the overall layout, which is then verified by Calibre LFD.

AMCC Launches Embedded Processor for Wireless Access Platform
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (NASDAQ: AMCC), a global leader in embedded Power Architecture(TM) processing, optical transport and storage solutions, announced the second member of its embedded processor family for cost-sensitive wireless access platforms at this week’s Computex Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. The PowerPC(R) 405EXr is based on Power Architecture technology and delivers an optimized blend of price and performance for 802.11n (Wi-Fi(TM)) and WiMAX(TM)-based wireless access points, residential gateways and advanced set-top boxes (STBs).

TSMC Introduces Reference Flow 8.0 for 45nm Design
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) unveiled Reference Flow 8.0, the latest generation of the foundry’s design methodology that increases yields, lowers risks and improves design margins. Reference Flow 8.0 supports TSMC’s 45nm process technology with advanced standard cell, standard I/O, and SRAM compiler. Key features address new design challenges at 45nm, including statistical timing analysis for intra-die variation, automated DFM hot-spot fixing, and new dynamic low-power design methodologies.

Tranzeo Wireless, AMCC Team on WiMAX Customer Premise Equipment
Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc. (TSX:TZT) announced that it is collaborating with Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (NASDAQ: AMCC) to develop wireless customer premise equipment (CPE) based on the WiMAX 802.16 specification. The new CPE product family manufactured by Tranzeo will enable end users to access their wireless broadband service provider at speeds up to 75 Mbps. Not only does WiMAX enable high bandwidth applications such as streaming media, but with a range of up to 30 miles, it offers service providers a viable last mile wireless solution. In addition, WiMAX provides customers with an economical alternative to DSL or cable modems.

ARM Rolls Out AMBA Adaptive Verification IP for On-Chip Communication
ARM [(LSE: ARM); (Nasdaq: ARMHY)] announced at the 44th Design Automation Conference in San Diego, Calif., the AMBA(R) Adaptive Verification IP, a unique technology that for the first time conquers the increasingly complex challenge of verifying entire on-chip communication systems. Adaptive Verification IP enhances existing SoC verification methodologies, via the industry’s only engine for extracting and applying traffic profile information to predict how systems will perform.

Sequence CoolTime Features New PGA, SSN Capabilities
A pair of vexing SoC design issues – Power Gating Analysis (PGA), and Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) – are now being addressed by low-power leader Sequence Design’s CoolTime with automated analysis capabilities that enable faster, more accurate power signoff. The new PGA and SSN capabilities address critical design issues in low-power wireless and high-speed interface designs, such as DDR.

Atmel Debuts AVR32 Application Processor for Linux-based Embedded Design
Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the AT32AP7001, a member of the AVR(R)32 AP7 family of Application Processors optimized for cost constrained, Linux(R)-based embedded designs. The device is packaged in a 30 x 30mm VQFP for easy integration into a four-layer PCB design.

TSMC Active Accuracy Assurance Initiative Sets Higher Standards
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) announced its Active Accuracy Assurance initiative, a comprehensive design-based program that will achieve new levels of accuracy for TSMC’s advanced process technologies. The initiative provides an on-going evolution of accuracy standards for all stages of the design and manufacturing value chain.

Open Modeling Coalition Finalizes Si2 Effective Current Source Modeling
The Silicon Integration Initiative’s Open Modeling Coalition has finalized the Si2 Effective Current Source Modeling (ECSM) Statistical Extensions specification draft. The new specification will be released, after approval, as an Si2 standard after a 60-day patent exclusionary period completes. On release, the statistical version of ECSM will become available to the broad electronics industry, both users and EDA vendors alike, regardless of Si2 membership.

AXIOM Endorses Unified Power Format with MPSim Verification Solution
AXIOM Design Automation announces that it has endorsed the Unified Power Format for power-aware designs and fully supports it in its MPSim Verification Solution. UPF provides a single low-power description that can be used in the design and verification process and fosters tool interoperability. Without the single low-power description, each step of the design process would need to rely on the error-prone and cumbersome process of translating multiple formats and proprietary commands where the power intent could easily deviate from each other. Now design engineers using Magma’s IC implementation system and the verification engineer using the MPSim verification environment can use the same low-power description.

Cadence Accelerates TSMC 45nm Reference Flow
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) announced that Cadence(R) is providing key capabilities to TSMC Reference Flow 8.0. The new reference flow addresses design challenges at 45 nanometers, providing statistical timing analysis for intra-die variation, automated DFM hot-spot fixing and new dynamic low-power design methodologies.

Cadence Adds PCB RF Technology, Design Methodology to Allegro PCB
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic-design innovation, announced the addition of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) RF (Radio Frequency) technology and design methodology to the Cadence(R) Allegro(R) PCB Design XL and GXL offerings. These additional capabilities address the key challenges customers are facing when designing PCBs with high-frequency and wireless design requirements. The new versions of the Allegro PCB Design offerings provide RF-aware technology, a front-to-back flow, and interfaces to simulation which help PCB designers achieve shorter, more predictable design cycles by better ensuring that RF circuits match design intent.

Synopsys Supports TSMC’s Reference Flow 8.0, 45nm Process
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), a world leader in semiconductor design software, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSE: 2330)(TSE: NYSE:)(TSE: TSM), announced Synopsys support for TSMC’s Reference Flow 8.0 and 45nm process technologies. Synopsys is supporting Reference Flow 8.0 in its Galaxy(TM) Design Platform, Discovery(TM) Verification Platform, and design for manufacturing (DFM) products.

PCI SIG Adds IDT Low Power Switches to PCI Express Integrators List
IDT(TM) (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.)(NASDAQ:IDTI), a leading provider of essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions that enrich the digital media experience, announced that its low power PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) switches – optimized specifically for I/O connectivity applications – have been named to the PCI Special Interest Group (SIG) PCI Express Integrators List. The eight devices have passed PCIe specification 1.1 compliance testing and represent the broadest set of PCIe switching solutions to meet this rigorous specification to formally assure interoperability between different devices from different suppliers.

IGEL Upgrades Windows XP Embedded Firmware, Remote Management Suite
IGEL Technology unveiled the latest upgrades to its Windows XP Embedded firmware and Remote Management Software setting the standard for thin client usability and management.

Common Platform Technology Alliance Qualifies Mentor’s DFM Solution
Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) announced that the Common Platform Technology alliance – IBM, Chartered and Samsung – have qualified the Calibre(R) suite of DFM tools used by designers to make physical designs less sensitive to yield loss due to particle contaminants and systematic process variability. The collaboration between Mentor Graphics and the Common Platform foundries provides an integrated DFM solution to address both random and systematic yield limiters for 65nm and 45nm processes.

AMCC Selects TeamF1′s Managed Access Point Solution for PowerPC 405EX
TeamF1, Inc., the leader in embedded networking and security software, announced that it has been selected to integrate its Managed Access Point Solution software (MAPS) on to the new PowerPC 405EX processor from Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) (NASDAQ:AMCC).

ARM-based Test Chip Tapes Out on UMC’s 65nm SOI Process
UMC (NYSE: UMC) (TSE: 2303) and ARM (LSE: ARM) (Nasdaq: ARMHY) announced that a test chip built with ARM(R) SOI (Silicon On Insulator) libraries was taped-out successfully on UMC’s 65-nanometer (nm) SOI process. The test chip consists of a set of ARM physical IP that uses a standard cell library, an I/O library and a single-port SRAM memory compiler. This tape-out at UMC represents the next step towards mainstream adoption of nanometer SOI technology for improved speed and power in complex system on chips (SOCs).