Adeneo Windows Embedded CE 6 BSP

Adeneo is offering Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSPs for Atmel’s ARM9 based chips: AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261 and AT91SAM9263. The BSPs, fully compliant with Atmel’s EK development kits, implement most of the features of each chip, and are the key starting points for OEMs developing smart Windows Embedded CE based devices. Also, the coverage of the complete SAM926x family ensures OEM to have a solution for any type of device, from very low cost communication devices up to multimedia products requiring high graphical performance.

Because of its compliance with Microsoft PQOAL (Production-Quality OEM Adaptation Layer) and PQD (Production Quality Device) specifications, the Adeneo BSPs are the most cost-effective way to develop custom solutions on Atmel Chips under Windows Embedded CE with the minimal redesign. Only the portions of the BSPs handling board features need to be reviewed and redesigned and all code linked to the core CPU can be reused without modifications.

The BSPs include all the drivers for the peripherals integrated in SAM926x chips. This allows targeting all types of custom solutions. The BSPs cover MMI features (display with 2D HW accelerations, keyboard, mouse, touch screen, audio, etc.), communications (serial, Ethernet, USB, SPI, 2-wire, etc.) and storage (NAND and NOR Flash, SDCard, etc.), with many boot strategies.

The BSPs have been qualified using the CETK (Windows CE official test kit), and have been designed to take full advantage of the advanced features of the AT91SAM926x such as Multi-Layer AHB, Peripheral DMA Controller, Advanced Interrupt Controller, etc.

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