TI DaVinci SDK for Embedded CE

TI’s Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Embedded CE is designed for use with the TMS320DM6443 and TMS320DM6446 system-on-chip (SoC) processors based on DaVinci technology. The SDK will empower developers who prefer the Windows Embedded operating system to now easily access TI’s silicon and software for digital video applications. DaVinci technology and the Windows Embedded CE development environment are both popular choices for applications such as set-top boxes, digital media adapters, voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones, navigation systems and portable media players. TI’s offering for Windows Embedded CE offering is optimized for TI’s TMS320DM6443 and TMS320DM6446 SoC processors.

The TI SDK for Windows Embedded CE includes a Windows Embedded CE board support package (BSP), drivers, OS adaptation layer, interprocessor communication (IPC) and DaVinci Codec Engine-based demo. The familiar Windows Embedded CE DirectShow media framework is layered on the DaVinci Codec Engine, allowing developers to access DSP-based performance for video and audio applications without needing extensive DSP development expertise. To further speed development, TI also offers a robust portfolio of eXpressDSP(TM) digital media software, including the latest audio and video codecs, which can be obtained through TI ASPs. ASPs and providers of TI technology for Windows Embedded CE are also equipped to work directly with developers to provide additional services, customization and support. An SDK for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 for the general market is planned for 2Q 2007 and hopefully will be available by the time you read this.

Customers are able to begin working with the SDK for Windows Embedded CE at no charge, with support and customization available from select TI ASPs and providers of TI technology for Windows Embedded CE for a fee. Mistral, a strategic provider of TI’s technology for Windows Embedded CE, will soon release additional technology for the full DaVinci software infrastructure so developers can utilize Windows Embedded CE 6.0, targeted at a wide array of DaVinci applications in the broad market.

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