Altera Automotive Graphics System

The Altera(R) Automotive Graphics System (AAGS) is a scalable solution that enables design engineers to quickly and efficiently design multiple automotive infotainment products based on a single electronic design. Implemented in Altera’s low-cost Cyclone(R) series or high-performance Stratix(R) series FPGAs, the AAGS enables designers to overcome the lengthy and costly design cycles of fixed-function graphic controllers.

The AAGS design platform integrates Altera’s Nios(R) II embedded processor with third-party intellectual property (IP) and design tools from automotive graphics partners including:

  • TES Electronic Solutions OpenGL ES-compliant graphics library and embedded 2D/3D Graphic Multiplatform Library (eGML), for the real-time generation of display graphics
  • Imagem’s spline-based library for handling bitmaps, frame buffer accesses, drawing of graphic primitives and object handing and movement
  • SEGGER’s Microcontroller Systeme GmbH support for emWin
  • Altia’s GUI building tool for quick automotive human machine interface (HMI) development

In addition to the Nios II processor, the AAGS incorporates a LCD timing controller, a basic multi-layer multi-display controller, a sophisticated spline manipulation engine and a vector graphics acceleration engine.

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