Digi JumpStart Kits

Digi JumpStart Kits make it easy for design engineers to develop embedded products with Digi NET+ARM modules. For an introductory price of only $399, Digi JumpStart Kits include all the hardware and software tools necessary for wired and wireless embedded product development. With Linux, Windows CE, and NET+OS options, Digi JumpStart Kits are available for a wide variety of commercial grade embedded networking needs.

Digi JumpStart Kits support Digi Connect(R) and ConnectCore(TM) wired and wireless modules and make it easy to evaluate both ARM and networking technologies for future products. Digi ESP, a new Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for NET+OS and Linux, is included. Digi will provide ongoing enhancements and technical support for Digi ESP and the Eclipse framework. Windows CE support is also provided for Microsoft Visual Studio and Platform Builder.

NET+OS Digi JumpStart Kits:

  • Digi Connect ME(R)/Wi-ME: Interchangeable, RJ-45 form factor, wired and wireless embedded modules
  • Digi Connect EM/Wi-EM: Interchangeable, low profile open board design, wired and wireless embedded modules
  • ConnectCore 7U: 32-bit NET+ARM embedded core processor module

NET+OS, Linux and Windows CE 6.0 Digi JumpStart Kits:

  • ConnectCore 9C/Wi-9C: Interchangeable wired and wireless ARM9 core processing
  • ConnectCore 9P: Network enabled, 32-bit NET+ARM processor module

More info: Digi JumpStart Kits