News – 2007.05.14

BlueRadios Launches BlueSensor OEM Bluetooth Temperature Sensor
BlueRadios, Inc., the industry leader in wireless Bluetooth products and services, launches new Temperature Sensor Radio application, BlueSensor, for generic sensor wire and cable replacement applications. These small embedded radios eliminate the need for sensor Companies to architect or write application code.

TI Controller, Transense SAW Sensor Enhance Fuel Efficiency, Safety
As automotive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) mandates come into effect and torque sensing applications like electronic power steering (EPS) become standard on even low- to mid-range cars, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) announced that Transense Technologies plc is using their TMS320F28x digital signal controllers as a key component in the automotive industry’s first targeted piezo-electric surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor based systems. Operating in environmentally harsh or remote automotive and industrial applications, the Transense sensor units operate wirelessly, require no power source and are typically 11 mm by 3 mm and less than 2 grams in weight. By using the F28x-enabled SAW TPMS, braking distances and the risk of accidents due to tire under inflation or failure are reduced. Fuel efficiency is also enhanced by up to ten percent through properly inflated tires and engine drag reduction through the elimination of the hydraulic pump in EPS systems.

Virtutech Reveals Results of Embedded Software Development Survey
Virtutech, Inc., the leading provider of virtualized software development solutions for embedded electronic systems, announced the results of the third annual debugging survey conducted at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, Calif., April 2-6, 2007. For the third consecutive year, the survey identified debugging as the most problematic and costly phase of the software development lifecycle, with more survey respondents than last year citing increased inaccessibility to silicon, lack of bug reproducibility and more pressure to meet shorter development schedule cycles. The survey highlights the need for innovative solutions that provide a more comprehensive development infrastructure than the traditional edit-compile-debug cycle. Survey respondents were developers and decision-makers in the embedded industry.

OneSpin 360 Module Verifier Supports Multiple IP Configurations
OneSpin Solutions GmbH, an electronic design automation (EDA) company that provides award-winning, customer-proven formal verification solutions, announced the enhancement of its flagship OneSpin 360(TM) Module Verifier (360MV) has led to the industry’s first complete, one-shot verification solution for configurable Intellectual Property (IP) components. The solution simultaneously verifies multiple configurations that can be generated from a configurable IP, significantly reducing the time, effort and cost incurred by multiple, individual verifications, each of which constitutes a major verification challenge in and of itself. The enhanced 360 MV supports the verification of IP with configurable functionality, such as optional memory-management units, or configurable synchronous or asynchronous FIFO implementations, and configurable dimensions, such as configurable bus-widths, FIFO depths, or register counts.

QuickLogic Enables Mobile Products to Boot from Managed NAND
Underscoring its commitment to the mobile electronics market, QuickLogic(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:QUIK), the lowest power programmable solutions leader, announced a revolutionary solution that enables the application processors in mobile products to boot directly from Managed NAND devices and memory cards, eliminating the need for NOR flash and thus reducing BOM cost and PCB area. The solution is a unique combination of QuickLogic’s proven SDIO host controller and additional intellectual property that performs the boot sequencing function.

Aldec Creates Prototyping Board for Actel RTAX-S Space FPGAs
Aldec, Inc., a pioneer in mixed-language simulation and advanced design tools for ASIC and FPGA devices, announced the availability of the RTAX-S Prototyping Board for radiation-tolerant RTAX-S FPGAs from Actel Corporation (NASDAQ:ACTL). Easing the prototyping process of space-flight systems, the new RTAX-S Prototyping Board provides the flexibility Actel’s flash-based ProASIC3 FPGAs offer, allowing designers to utilize a design across multiple aerospace projects, shorten design cycles and lower project costs. Together with automatic primitive’s conversion and reusability of the board, Aldec’s early prototyping solution addresses challenges aerospace engineers may face during the verification process of a complex antifuse-based design.

NI Rolls Out TestStand 4 Test Management Software
National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) announced NI TestStand 4.0, the latest version of the company’s test management software designed to help engineers develop and deploy automated validation and manufacturing test systems. The new version of NI TestStand features a streamlined sequence editor that reduces development time and increases ease of use. Engineers can use the new sequence editor to easily reconfigure the NI TestStand development environment to meet the functionality requirements of advanced systems or to facilitate the use of basic software features for new users. With the preconfigured step templates in the new sequence editor, engineers can easily reuse preconfigured test templates to quickly build test sequences and save time in test system development.

ITTIA Rolls Out Latest Database for Embedded Applications
ITTIA is further strengthening its ITTIA Database management software for embedded systems and devices with the release of version 2.0. ITTIA previews this new release at one of Japan’s largest embedded gatherings, ESEC – Embedded Systems Expo and Conference. ESEC provides embedded developers with an opportunity to learn about exciting new technologies, such as ITTIA Database.

Impulse C Compiler Ready for Nallatech’s H100 FPGA Accelerators
Nallatech, the leader in high-performance FPGA computing solutions, and Impulse Accelerated Technologies announced the availability of the Impulse C compiler for the Nallatech H100 series of FPGA accelerator products. Built with the goal of simplifying the design of scalable clusters, Nallatech’s H100 series delivers improved price/performance, increased performance density and reduced power consumption for high performance computing users across a range of market sectors including Financial Services, Geosciences and Bioinformatics. Customers can efficiently scale from a single FPGA processor to an architecture utilizing hundreds of FPGAs as part of an integrated solution targeting IBM Blade Centers.

Fujitsu Selects CoWare Virtual Platform for SoC Design Flow
CoWare(R), Inc., the leading supplier of platform-driven electronic system-level (ESL) design software and services, announced that Fujitsu Limited, Tokyo, Japan, has adopted CoWare’s Virtual Platform Product Family for completing its next-generation SoC design flow. In the next-generation ASIC/SoC design flow, the position of the software becomes much more important than before. The traditional serial design style – hardware design first, software design second, followed by integration – does not scale for today’s large system designs. CoWare’s SystemC-based solution, comprehensive IP library, multicore support, and high-performance simulation technology will provide the framework for shortening design cycle time and optimizing Fujitsu’s design flow. The solution includes CoWare Virtual Platform, CoWare Model Designer, CoWare Model Library technologies, and CoWare services, all of which will enable Fujitsu to leverage CoWare’s experience and expertise in platform-driven ESL design. Fujitsu will integrate the CoWare technologies into an industry-leading ESL SoC design flow.

SANYO Selects Signs Sequence’s Columbus-AMS
For its high-performance mixed-signal designs, SANYO Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has signed a long-term agreement to use Sequence Design’s Columbus-AMS as its fast, accurate extraction engine.

AdaCore Joins Eclipse Foundation
AdaCore, provider of the highest quality Ada tools and services, announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation as an Add-In-Provider. This membership level allows AdaCore to participate in the development of the Eclipse ecosystem, and to offer the breadth of their Ada expertise to the Eclipse community as a whole. Eclipse is an important part of AdaCore’s corporate and product strategy. The company tapped into the growing popularity of the Eclipse framework early on, adding an Eclipse plug-in to the company’s comprehensive GNAT Pro Ada tool-suite last year. And the company continues to provide customers with the latest technology available with the recent major upgrade to its GNATbench plug-in, offering new capabilities to support Eclipse 3.2, the latest version of the popular open source platform for integrating software tools for application development.

Kane Computing Announces Snapsoft Smartphone Edition
Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) are pleased to announce the latest addition to Snapshield’s range of secure communication solutions, the Snapsoft Smartphone Edition, based on the highly acclaimed Snapsoft product for Pocket PC phones.
In order to meet the different needs of diverse business users, manufactures are offering a range of mobile products and solutions. Mobile device manufactures across the board, are offering devices in the smartphone product line category, along side their higher-end PDA and Pocket PC phone models. In so doing, they are responding to a market need, where one size doesn’t fit all.

NemeriX Ships Five Millionth GPS RF IC
austriamicrosystems(SWX: AMS), a leading global designer and manufacturer of high performance analog integrated circuits (ICs), and NemeriX, a leading fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power semiconductors and solutions for GPS and location-based services, are pleased to announce shipment of the five millionth NemeriX NJ1006A RF IC. The NJ1006A has been a major success for NemeriX in the personal navigation device (PND) and Bluetooth GPS markets, where small size and high sensitivity are paramount.

eASIC, Premier Team on Sales, Support for Nextreme Structured ASIC
eASIC Corporation, a provider of Structured ASIC devices, announced that it has entered into partnership agreement with Premier Technical Sales, a leading high-tech manufacturers’ representative of major global electronic suppliers. With this partnership, eASIC further expands its global sales channel organization to provide extensive commercial and technical support in North America for its Nextreme Structured ASIC products. Leveraging its semiconductor market experience, Premier will support the rapid customer demand of Nextreme Structured ASICs.