AMD Imageon Mobile Media Processors

The AMD Imageon(TM) 2298, 2294, and 2192 media processors offer ultra-fast, high-resolution image processing, DVD-quality video and high-definition audio for compelling mobile multimedia experiences. The new processors help handheld manufacturers to quickly and cost efficiently deliver the latest multimedia features that consumers demand.

Next-generation AMD Imageon 2298 and 2294 processors are designed to bring the latest multimedia performance to mobile devices with a combination of features that enable a seamless, high-quality, multi-tasking entertainment experience unprecedented in today’s handheld market. The AMD Imageon 2192 media processor enables similar feature-rich devices for mainstream consumers.

AMD Imageon 2298, 2294 and 2192 media processors are expected to usher in a new standard of mobile multimedia with DVD-quality video, image stabilization, high-resolution imaging, crystal clear audio and color-rich TV output display. Furthermore, consumers can enjoy multiple features simultaneously, such as listening to music while viewing photos. Specific features of the latest AMD Imageon media processors include:

  • Ultra-Fast, High-Resolution image processing supports up to 12 Mpixel camera functions
  • DVD-Quality Video Playback and Recording with Stabilization for a high-quality, camcorder-like experience
  • High-Definition Audio turns the phone into a portable music player
  • TV Output allows viewing of videos and photos on any TV or projector
  • Mobile TV capability for watching digital TV programs on the go
  • Video Telephony with echo cancellation and image stabilization
  • Video Transcoding converts to various video formats and adjusts frame rate for over-the-air video messaging
  • Error Resiliency compensates for transmission errors to help provide seamless over-the-air video quality

Manufacturers can quickly upgrade to the latest multimedia technology because the media processor is separate from baseband (RF) functions. This architecture not only enables faster time to market, it also helps reduce power consumption for longer device battery life, as well as reducing design costs and eliminating unnecessary requalification of the baseband with each feature upgrade, thereby saving time and money for manufacturers.

AMD Imageon 2298, 2294 and 2192 media processors are now available to handheld manufacturers. Mobile devices based on these new processors are expected to start shipping from OEMs worldwide by early next year.

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