TI LoCosto ULC Chip

The LoCosto ULC is Texas Instruments’ third generation GSM solution for the ultra low-cost handset market, specifically designed to enhance the user experience with added features and improvements. This includes dramatic improvements in voice clarity and loudness; battery life; and support for a range of advanced features, including enhanced color display, FM stereo, MP3 ring tones, camera, and MP3 playback. The “LoCosto ULC” single-chip platform will reduce electronic bill of materials (e-BOM) by up to 25% compared to the current generation.

The “LoCosto ULC” single-chip platform is an extension of TI’s successful “LoCosto” family of solutions, which is in volume production today. “LoCosto ULC” represents the latest advancement in TI’s sophisticated and integrated DRP(TM) single-chip technology, a pioneering approach to wireless chip design that defined the single-chip approach by integrating the RF transceiver and analog codec with the digital baseband. This technology has significantly reduced board space and system costs and has extended battery life. TI’s new “LoCosto ULC” products, the TCS2305 and TCS2315, are the industry’s first 65-nanometer (nm) single-chip mobile phone products for GSM and GPRS handsets and will sample in the first half of 2007.

Compared to the current “LoCosto” generation, the TCS2305 and TCS2315 solutions will enable 60% longer stand-by time and 30% longer talk time, significantly improving handset battery life – a critical requirement in rural areas where access to power infrastructure may be limited. The solutions will also offer a 2X improvement in voice loudness and will include full duplex voice call support to mitigate voice chopping, both of which are necessary in noisy environments.

In additional, “LoCosto ULC” will offer full color display with no external SRAM and will support more advanced, cooler features for a unique user experience, including MP3 ring tones and MP3 playback; FM stereo; camera; USB charging for universal and easy charger access; slimmer, more stylish form factors; and handset security through TI’s M-Shield(TM) advanced hardware and software security framework for robust protection of copyrighted content for publishers and operator investments of value-added services.

“LoCosto ULC” products will sample in the first half of 2007 and are expected to be in volume production in 2008.

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