foXServe Embedded WebServer

foXserve, by Kdev, is a secure, tiny webserver for embedded appliances. foXserve is a Linux system based on the 2.6.15 kernel. The embedded webserver features Apache 1.3.37, mod_dav, mod_ssl, PHP 5.0.5, SQLite, and Turck MMcache optimizer. They are all pre-installed on a micro mainboard (FOX Board LX 832, 66 x 72 mm, and released by Acme System). The appliance can run with only one watt of power.

Thanks to the WebDav implementation, it is possible to load files on foXserve using a HTTP connection. Secure encrypted communications is possible if mod_SSL is used.

foXServe Embedded WebServerA set of PHP extensions allows developers to control hardware logic directly from PHP script. I/O control, LCD display, and I2C bus are fuly supported. The configuration is simplified with a “menu wizard” and firmware update procedure is fully automatic.

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