Renesas H8SX 32-Bit CISC Microcontrollers

Renesas’ H8SX/1638, H8SX/1648, and H8SX/1622 32-Bit CISC microcontrollers operate at up to 50MHz, achieve performance levels up to 50 MIPS, and have extensive arrays of on-chip peripheral functions. The microcontrollers enable office automation products, digital consumer devices and industrial equipment that are more capable, smaller and less expensive. They offer up to 1 Megabyte of fast (zero-wait-state) on-chip flash memory that allows single-cycle access at 50MHz operation. A deep software standby mode — a first for H8SX devices — achieves extra power savings, providing operation similar to that of software standby mode with only partial retention of RAM data. The devices also have faster and more precise analog input interfaces such as analog-to-digital (A/D) and delta-sigma (Delta-Sigma) type A/D converters.

Renesas H8SX/1638, H8SX/1648, and H8SX/1622 32-Bit CISC MicrocontrollersMembers of the H8SX/1638 series have two successive-approximation type 10-bit A/D converter units, each with 4 channels, while members of the H8SX/1648 series have three such units. Each of these A/D units operates independently for greater design flexibility. Conversion time has been reduced to 2usec, enabling faster system response in motion control, image processing and other types of embedded applications that obtain parameter data from analog sensors.

By contrast, the microcontrollers in the H8SX/1622 group have only one 10-bit successive-approximation A/D converter with 8 channels. However, they also incorporate a 6-channel 16-bit delta-sigma type A/D converter with a conversion speed of 90.5usec at 25MHz operation. The higher-resolution delta-sigma A/D generates more precise data from optical, positional, acceleration, and sound sensors, among others. The fast analog conversion capabilities and the power optimization characteristics make the H8SX/1622 devices ideal for applications such as medical monitors, handheld consumer electronics products, power tools, robotics, and automobiles.

Other peripheral functions built into the new H8SX-series chips include 8-bit timers, 16- or 32-bit programmable pulse generators, watchdog timers, serial communication interfaces, 2 or 4 channels of I2C bus interface, and clock pulse generators with multiplication phase locked loops (PLLs). All of the new microcontrollers have space-saving, lead-free packages: a 120-pin LQFP (14mm x 14mm) for H8SX/1638 chips, a 144-pin LQFP (20mm x 20mm) for H8SX/1648 group devices, and a 144-pin LQFP or a smaller 145-pin LGA (9mm x 9mm) for H8SX/1622 microcontrollers.

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