WIN MB-06058 Single Board Computer

The MB-06058 single board computer (SBC) from WIN Enterprises features the high performance, dual-core Second-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) processor. The MB-06058 delivers up to 2.6GHz of performance on a PICMG 1.3 form factor. The Second-Generation AMD Opteron processor is designed to provide industry-leading performance-per-watt and outstanding virtualization capabilities. It is also presents OEMs with a seamless upgrade path to AMD’s native quad-core processors.

The WIN Enterprises MB-06058 is designed for intense parallel processing applications, such as aerospace, defense, scientific, medical imaging and ultra-low latency communications. It enables high-density computing in compact platforms. The MB-06058 can be further augmented with a stackable HyperTransport(TM) card to support additional memory or another dual-core Second-Generation AMD Opteron processor.


  • Second-Generation AMD Opteron Processor
    • High performance with up to 2.6GHz processing speed
    • Offers reduced power consumption (within a 95W envelope) and low heat production
    • Designed for seamless migration from today’s 32-bit software to 64-bit applications
    • Dual-core computing with upgrade path to native quad-core processor solutions
  • MB-06058
    • PICMG 1.3 form factor: 13.330″ x 4.976″; 33.86 cm x 12.64 cm
    • Configure with a single dual-core CPU or use optional daughter card to support another dual-core Second-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) processor
    • NVIDIA nForce(R) Professional 2200 chipset
    • 2 memory slots providing up to 8GB; optional 4 slots/16GB
    • Standard IDE interface
    • Customize board for specific OEM requirements

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