New on EDA Blog – 2007.04.27

Microsoft Mobile and Embedded DevCon
Microsoft Mobile and Embedded DevCon (MEDC) will take place at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas May 1-3, 2007. Mobile and Embedded DevCon is a global connected community of events focused on collaborative learning, shared knowledge and practical hands-on development featuring more than 130 technical sessions and 70 labs. This annual event is tailored for the developers, IT professionals and business professionals who are looking to innovate and scale their mobile and or embedded development investments, applications and solutions.

Mezzanine Card Market
According to VDC, the global market for merchant mezzanine/daughter cards will grow 13.3% annually through 2010. The driving factor is the strength of several new form factors. VDC reports that the global 2005 sales of mezzanine cards and carriers were US$ 355.7 million and projected to grow over 87% by 2010 reaching US$ 667 million.

Cellular Modem Market to Grow by 47% Annually
The cellular modem market was slightly below expectations in 2006, but the market is expected to reach nearly $10 billion by 2012, a 47% compound annual growth rate. ABI Research believes the proliferation of 3G networks and better cellular broadband pricing are driving the sales of cellular modems.

Converged Mobile Devices
According to IDC, the worldwide market for converged mobile devices exceeded 20 million units during the fourth quarter of 2006, and over 80 million units for the year. Vendors shipped a total of 23.5 million devices during the fourth quarter of 2006, which is 33.5% more than the same quarter a year ago. For 2006, vendors shipped 80.5 million devices, 42.0% more than what they shipped in 2005.