The TI TCI6488 is a highly integrated digital signal processor (DSP) targeted at Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA) base stations. This new three-core DSP, running at 1GHz per core, supports all of the necessary baseband functions required for a macro base station – on a single chip. Designed specifically to solve problems at a system level, this “baseband on a chip” eliminates the need for FPGAs, ASICs and other bridging devices, reducing the total bill of materials for OEMs by up to a factor of five, resulting in lowered equipment costs for service providers.

The 3GHz-performing TMS320TCI6488 is based on TI’s industry leading TMS320C64x+(TM) platform. The processing power of the C64x+ DSP provides dynamic support of both voice and data transmission with extremely low latency, ensuring a quality experience for consumers and service providers alike. For example, in High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) applications, the TCI6488 can support 48 users per device in a macro base station system.

Besides the Viterbi (VCP2) and Turbo (TCP2) Coprocessors, the TCI6488 also has the built-in capability designed to support W-CDMA intensive calculations. Specifically, the TCI6488 can handle search and rake receiver on chip, typically two of the most computationally intensive tasks in W-CDMA.

With a highly efficient memory system and fast access to off-chip memory via a DDR-2 interface, the TCI6488 ensures system-level performance. The Serial RapidIO interface incorporated directly on the TCI6488 allows base station designers to easily move data across the system fabric, with little supervision or intervention required from the processor. Moreover, OEMs can scale their solutions across a variety of architectures and form factors, and ensure interface compatibility with several other devices.

The TCI6488 includes both OBSAI and CPRI W-CDMA standardized antenna interfaces on chip. These high speed antenna interfaces support up to 48 antenna streams per base station, allowing for multi-sector, multi-antenna base stations that can support a high density of users over large coverage areas.

The inclusion of the Gigabit Ethernet port on the TCI6488 for network interface, as well as analysis and debugging, brings together the last piece of the hardware puzzle in providing a single-chip end-to-end digital solution for base stations.

From a software standpoint, the TCI6488 solution includes optimized libraries for W-CDMA. These libraries enable higher channel density as well as lower power per channel. Developed and tested within TI’s carrier-class environment, this inclusion of this software allows base station manufacturers to focus on their own system-level software. TI’s ability to provide a complete hardware and software product, lowers OEM investment costs and speeds their time to market.

With the transition to an all-IP network in progress, service providers are well aware of the challenges of delivering ubiquitous voice, video and data services. TI’s TCI6488 keeps the future of the wireless world in mind. The advanced architecture, cutting-edge peripheral set and industry leading features of the TCI6488 enable a base station platform that will lower initial capital outlay and reduce operational expenditures, while reducing maintenance time with in-field software upgrades. Furthermore, the TCI6488 makes a solid investment for OEMs which are looking for a reliable, scalable solution that can support current and future base stations.

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