XCOM-9347 COM Express Module

The XCOM-9347 is a new PowerPC computer-on-module from ACTIS Computer. It is based on the latest PICMG standard for processor mezzanine board.

The XCOM-9347 COM Express module (PICMG COM.0 standard) is designed to help build systems without the burden of designing the complex CPU part of the project and focus on the application specific carrier board. This give designers the ability to select the most accurate module for their application and still having the possibility to upgrade the CPU module during product life cycle.

ACTIS XCOM-9347 COM Express ModuleThe new XCOM-9347 is small in size (95mm x 95mm or 3.74″ x 3.74″) and features a Freescale PowerQUICC II Pro(TM) MPC8347E@400 MHz with only 4W of power dissipation. It supports up to 2 GByte of DDR2 SDRAM (SODIMM module), 8 MByte of NOR Flash, and up to 1 GByte of NAND Flash. The board also offers a 128-bit 2D/3D graphic engine (SM722) and several serial interfaces: two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 (Host/device) ports, two Serial-ATA hard disk interface, two RS-232 serial ports, and a 32-bit/66MHz PCI bus.

This module supports hash environments, where extended temperature range are required. Software support for the XCOM-9347 includes LINUX and VxWorks BSP.

More info: XCOM-9347