Broadcom 65nm EDGE Transceiver

Broadcom recently announced the industry’s first 65nm EDGE radio frequency (RF) transceiver. Designed as a monolithic die in pure digital CMOS process technology, the new Broadcom(R) device integrates all transceiver and analog baseband functionality to deliver unparalleled savings in power consumption, size and cost. EDGE is currently operating on nearly 200 networks worldwide and represents the next step on the evolutionary path to third generation (3G) cellular services.

The BCM2085 EDGE cellular RF transceiver is a highly integrated single-chip solution. It was designed in a 65nm CMOS process that delivers the industry’s lowest power consumption (helping to extend battery life), as well as the lowest bill of materials (BoM) cost. Combining low power, high integration and low cost, the BCM2085 is compatible with all DigRF-compliant basebands, enabling lower cost and reducing the RF board area by more than 50 percent for EDGE mobile devices.

The BCM2085 EDGE transceiver delivers outstanding RF performance while achieving both low cost and low power consumption. The highly integrated transceiver also includes the analog baseband and DigRF interface. A novel polar transmit architecture is employed to provide low transmit power, eliminate any filters in the transmit path and use standard linear power amplifiers readily available from multiple sources. The receiver is based on a proven low-IF architecture providing suppression of DC offsets, avoiding the issues related to direct conversion receivers and simplifying integration with basebands.

The transceiver also includes Broadcom’s proprietary SmartRadio(TM) technology, which employs continuous real-time calibration techniques. SmartRadio delivers superior radio performance in a pure digital CMOS process without baseband intervention, enabling RF performance typically previously achieved only by radios that use more expensive specialty silicon processes. Broadcom’s SmartRadio technology was originally developed and deployed in the company’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, which have been field proven in hundreds of millions of transceivers for over 5 years. As a result, the BCM2085 will accelerate customers’ time to market by simplifying design while ensuring a robust solution for manufacturing.

Samples of the quad-band Broadcom BCM2085 EDGE RF transceiver are available now. Housed in a 4mm x 4mm BGA package, the BCM2085 is priced at $5.00 in volume quantities of 100,000 units or more.

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