RES-110 Ethernet Switch

The RES-110 is a rugged Layer 2 and 3 managed Ethernet switch made by GE Fanuc Embedded Systems. The RES-110 is a modular package optimized to meet customers’ most challenging performance and thermal requirements in the harsh environments typically encountered in military environments or extreme commercial applications. The rugged switch provides Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for deployment in harsh tactical combat environments.

The RES-110 features an innovative wiring harness that reduces wiring weight, volume and complexity, making it ideal for integration into ground and airborne vehicles and other rugged Ethernet applications. Compliant with the MIL-STD-810E specification, the RES-110 is designed to operate under high temperature, shock and vibration conditions.

The RES-110 rugged Ethernet switch is a standalone switch that requires no host CPU intervention. Switch management can be performed through a serial RS-232 interface The switch also allows administrators to easily configure features and monitor performance using its in-band Ethernet interface for Telnet or HTTP and SNMP-based network management with a standard Web browser.

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