New on EDA Blog – 2007.04.13

Microsoft Robotics Video Tutorials
If you are into robots, check out the Microsoft’s online video tutorials posted on their robotics site.

Atmel Embedded Ethernet Networking Workshop
Avnet is hosting the Atmel Embedded Ethernet Networking SpeedWay Design Workshop. The event explains how to create an embedded Ethernet design using an ARM7(TM)-based microcontroller. Avnet is offering the workshops in locations throughout North America.

Deepfish Mobile Browser
Check out the Deepfish Browser from Microsoft Live Labs. Deepfish is a lightweight client application that leverages a powerful server side technology for delivery of content such as web pages to a Windows Mobile device. Content is displayed in a familiar desktop format that requires no additional work by the content or site author.

IC Design Services Industry in India Grows by Over 20%
According to In-Stat, India’s IC design services industry will continue to grow at over 20% per year through 2010. Cost advantages and availability of skilled manpower are two reasons why integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) have either outsourced part of their design activities to third-party design firms or created their own captive centers in India.