Agilent Signal Integrity Designer

Agilent’s Signal Integrity Designer features high-frequency SPICE simulation technology. The software suite, which is part of the Advanced Design System EDA software, provides high-speed digital board designers with accurate time-domain response. Agilent’s Advanced Design System EDA software offers a complete set of front-to-back simulation and layout tools and instrument links for RF and microwave IC design in a single, integrated design flow. Its signal integrity solution for high-speed digital design is made possible through its unique co-simulation technology. The software can model entire serial data links, including interconnects, pre-emphasis and adaptive equalization, in the presence of non-linear driver and receiver models.

Signal Integrity Designer Premier also provides two additional capabilities that are important for accurate high-speed digital design:

  • New, fully integrated set of IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) models for single-ended and differential components such as sources, buffers and terminations
  • Broadband SPICE model generator

Agilent Signal Integrity DesignerIBIS models describe the behavior of circuits when triggered by waveforms. They eliminate the need to obtain the often proprietary transistor-level details of components. The broadband SPICE model generator automatically processes frequency-domain data produced by electromagnetic structure simulators such as Agilent’s Momentum, a three-dimensional planar electromagnetic simulator and Electromagnetic Design System (EMDS), Agilent’s full three-dimensional EM simulator, or by measuring with a vector network analyzer to create models that are accurate over a broad band of frequencies and are usable by a time-domain simulator.

Signal Integrity Designer is available now, with prices starting at approximately $25,000.

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