Altova UModel 2007

UModel(R) 2007 is the latest release of Altova’s UML 2 software design tool. The new UModel release includes four additional diagram types that round out the product with the full complement of UML 2.1 diagrams. It also adds a unique capability to model XML Schema files in UML, plus support for reverse engineering of Java and C# binary files, and the ability to hyperlink elements of UML diagrams to other diagrams or external files.

Altova UModel 2007UModel is used by developers and other software professionals to visually design application models and automatically generate Java or C# code, or to reverse engineer existing programs into UML 2.1 diagrams, then fine tune the designs, and complete the round trip by regenerating code.

New Features in Altova UModel 2007:

  • Support for all 13 UML 2.1 diagram types
  • New interaction overview diagram
  • New timing diagram
  • New communication diagram
  • New package diagram
  • Modeling of XML Schema in UML with code engineering support
  • Interoperability with XMLSpy 2007, which can save XML Schemas as UModel projects
  • Reverse engineering of XSD files into UML-style diagrams based on class diagrams
  • Graphical editing of XML Schema design models
  • XSD code generation from XML Schema models
  • Round-trip engineering of XML Schema projects
  • Reverse engineering of C# and Java binary files
  • Automatic rendering of UML models from compiled code
  • Round tripping from binary files to source code
  • Hyperlinking of model elements to other diagrams, documents, or Web pages
  • Automatic generation of sequence diagrams from communication diagrams (and vice versa)
  • XMI import/export enhancements for improved interchange with other UML tools

Altova UModel 2007 is immediately available for download and purchase with the (USD) list price for a single-user license starting at $129.00. UModel is also offered as part of the new Altova MissionKit(TM) for Software Architects, which bundles Altova’s intelligent application development, data management, and modeling tools at 50% off their regular prices.

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