New on EDA Blog – 2007.04.06

Power Conference Seeking Papers is seeking papers for the Power Architecture Developer Conference. Design engineers are invited to submit proposals around technology innovations and practical design information.

Altium Designer Seminars
Altium is offering a series of seminars in the US and Canada. The event will explain how Altium Designer brings together hardware, software and programmable hardware development within a unified environment that allows all aspects of an electronic product to be designed and managed within a single system.

Sony Playstation 3 Price Cut
Over on the Technology Insider (Chipworks) is an interesting post about the differences between the Japanese version of the Sony Playstation 3 (released November 2006) and the European PS3 (released March 2007).

EDA Tech Forum
EDA Tech Forum has 18 free one-day conferences scheduled for North America, Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Rim. The EDA Tech Forum will provide technical information to help electronics engineers tackle today’s toughest design challenges.