News – 2007.04.05 – Late Edition

QUALCOMM Demands Arbitration with Nokia
In an arbitration demand filed with the American Arbitration Association, QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM) requests a ruling that Nokia’s continued use of QUALCOMM’s patents in Nokia’s CDMA cellular handsets (including WCDMA ) after April 9, 2007 constitutes an election by Nokia to extend its license under the parties’ existing agreement. Such an extension would obligate Nokia to pay QUALCOMM the same royalty specified in the current agreement and prohibit Nokia from asserting patent claims against QUALCOMM’s CDMA products. QUALCOMM also seeks a ruling that it is entitled to terminate all of Nokia’s rights and licenses under the agreement if Nokia sues QUALCOMM for patent infringement after April 9, 2007.

RoboBusiness Conference Features Carnegie Mellon’s Robot Hall of Fame
Robotics Trends, a division of EH Publishing, Inc., announced that Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Hall of Fame(R) will unveil its 2007 inductees at the fourth annual RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition, the international business development event for mobile robotics and intelligent systems. The ceremony will include a special luncheon on May 15, 2007 sponsored by The Technology Collaborative of Pittsburgh, PA.

Mercury Rolls Out Parallel Acceleration System Middleware
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) released a binary distribution of its Parallel Acceleration System (PAS) middleware to High Performance Embedded Computing Software Initiative (HPEC-SI) members for use on a Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) 64-node Linux cluster. This powerful development lab system is based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) x86 computers. Members of the HPEC-SI working group are now evaluating PAS as middleware which allows straightforward migration of Parallel Vector Signal Image Processing Library++ (Parallel VSIPL++) implementations between benign environment workstations, parallel Linux clusters, and ruggedized, deployable multicomputer platforms.

Ronetix Adds Freescale ColdFire Support to PEEDI JTAG-BDM Emulator
Ronetix announced the availability of the new firmware of its high speed, low cost JTAG/BDM Emulator and Flash Programmer. The new firmware adds support of debugging and FLASH programming of Freescale ColdFire devices. This includes all ColdFire CPUs like MCF52XX, MCF53XX and MCF54XX.

HELINKS, UTInnovation to Create IEC 61850 Tools
UTInnovation and Helinks announced their partnership recently. Based on input from our valued customers, UTInnovation felt the need to partner with Helinks, a software company whose goal is to develop vendor independent tools for IEC 61850. We strongly believe the availability of such tools is important for utilities to be able to independently specify, build and support IEC 61850 based systems, and for the market introduction and acceptance of the standard.

Arasan Ships Updated SDIO Card Controller Software
Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. (Arasan), a leading supplier of reusable Intellectual Property (IP) cores, semiconductors and design services, announced its is shipping a new version of its SDIO Card Controller Software for the AC2200ie SDIO Card Controller IC. The new driver software is extensively revised to support an expanding list of commercial devices including PDA’s, Smartphones, and multimedia devices. The SDIO Card Controller ASIC is based on Arasan’s SDIO IP, which has been licensed to over 50 companies worldwide.

Freescale Selects VI Technology Arendar Test Software
Freescale Semiconductor selects VI Technology and its Arendar(R) enterprise test software for its advanced integrated circuit (IC) characterization platform to help design engineers validate and characterize new silicon. Design engineers rely on a myriad of tests and large data sets to ensure that the ICs perform as expected. This characterization platform is designed to significantly reduce the time and effort engineers spend sifting through all the data and correlating results.

Concurrent Technologies Receives Platinum Award
Concurrent Technologies (“Concurrent”) a world leading specialist in the design and manufacture of high-end embedded computer products used in the defence, transportation, communications and industrial markets, has been recognized by consumers as being a top supplier of embedded computer boards.