Concurrent iHawk VME Systems

iHawk(TM) VME, from Concurrent Computer, is a commercial platform for mission-critical simulation, data acquisition, industrial and aerospace applications. iHawk VME systems feature energy-efficient Intel(R) Core(TM) multi-core technology on a single-slot 6U VME/VXS card. At the heart of each iHawk solution is Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. Compatible with the popular Red Hat(R) Linux distribution, RedHawk features high I/O throughput, fast response to external events and optimized interprocess communication. RedHawk is the ideal Linux environment for complex real-time applications.

RedHawk Linux is based upon a multithreaded, fully preemptible Linux kernel with low-latency enhancements. RedHawk’s true symmetric multiprocessing support includes load balancing and CPU shielding to maximize determinism and real-time performance in time-critical solutions. A user-level application can be guaranteed to respond to an external event in less than 30 microseconds on a shielded processor.

iHawk VME systems are ideal for real-time application environments that require ruggedized or special packaging. iHawk VME allows an easy upgrade path to RedHawk Linux while maintaining a user’s VME I/O investment. A wide range of VME card options are available such as analog and digital I/O, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, IEEE-488, reflective memory and asynchronous I/O. iHawk VME systems offer comprehensive integrated I/O including SATA, SCSI, EIDE, Flash memory, on-board disks, graphics, gigabit Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and GPIO.

iHawk VME systems also support Concurrent’s powerful NightStar(TM) development tool set. Users can debug, analyze, monitor and tune their real-time applications on iHawk systems locally or remotely at application speed. Each tool runs non-intrusively, thus preserving the deterministic behavior of the application. NightStar tools allow developers to graphically view how their applications interact with the Linux kernel.

iHawk VME hardware options include Concurrent’s Real-time Clock & Interrupt Module (RCIM), a multifunction I/O card designed for time-critical applications that require rapid response to external events. The RCIM includes a synchronized clock readable by multiple systems, up to 8 programmable timers and up to 12 input and 12 output external interrupt lines. An optional on-board GPS module is available to align the RCIM’s synchronized clock to GPS standard time.

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