Technobox Dual-Channel SAS/SATA Controller

Technobox’s latest RoHS-compliant storage control PMC, the 4978 Dual-port SAS/SATA Controller, provides support for as many as 8 lanes of SAS or SATA. The module features dual SFF-8470 connectors for front panel connectivity (4 lanes per connector). To assure connectivity in strenuous environments, the connectors may be secured using lock-down screws.

General Purpose (GPIO) signals, link Fault and activity signals, an I2C bus, and TX/RX data for a UART are presented at the PN4 Rear I/O connector of the PMC. Built around the LSI SAS 1068 controller, the 4978 supports rates up to 3 Gb/s per lane. Memory features permit on-board storage of user-defined parameters, BIOS, and mirroring data. Status LEDs on the module and front bezel provide ready indication of activity or fault status for each of the 8 lanes. The 4978 is PCI-x compatible and requires only 3.3 volt power.

Technobox 4978 Dual-port SAS/SATA ControllerFeatures of the SAS/SATA controller:

  • Supports up to 8 lanes SAS or SATA (four per connector)
  • Rates up to 3 Gb/s per lane
  • PCI-x compatible
  • LSI SAS1068 controller
  • Dual SFF-8470 front panel interface
  • Storage of user-defined parameters, BIOS, and mirroring data
  • RoHS 6/6 compliant

The 4978 lists for $795.00. Quantity discounts are available. The card is available for immediate shipment.

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