News – 2007.04.02 – Late Edition

Fujitsu Creates MotorKit for Automotive, Industrial Motor Control
Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) introduced a new development platform for automotive and industrial motor control applications built around the Fujitsu MB91F267N 32-bit microcontroller. The MotorKit-91F267-MC starter kit has been designed to simplify development of three-phase motor control solutions. It provides an integrated 24V/15A three-phase power stage, with different currents available depending on shunt resistors. The kit also includes connectors for external power stage, Hall sensors, encoder, and LCD; current and voltage measurements with ADC, over-current and over-voltage comparator; and isolated RS232 and CAN interfaces.

Virtutech Debuts Simics VMP Performance-Enhancing Modeling Technology
Virtutech, Inc., the leading provider of virtual software development solutions for advanced electronic systems, announced Simics VMP, a new performance-enhancing modeling technology in Virtutech Simics that leverages hardware virtualization capabilities featured in modern Intel and AMD chips. By utilizing on-chip virtualization technology, Simics VMP offers developers near-native performance along with the key benefits of virtualized software development, including integration with software debugging tools, deterministic execution, observability and controllability of the target hardware, and reverse execution.

Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS Ranks First in Survey
Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), announced that its ThreadX RTOS ranked #1 in time-to-market in a recent survey of embedded developers. The survey, conducted by Electronic Market Forecasters, Inc., and Wilson Research Group in 2006, shows that RTOS selection can have a significant effect on timely project completion.

VirtualLogix Introduces VLX Developer for Embedded Devices
VirtualLogix(TM), the Real-Time Virtualization(TM) company, announced the availability of VLX Developer, which enables the rapid adoption of virtualization technology for embedded devices. The market demand for increased applications and functionalities in embedded devices has driven the use of virtualization software. VLX Developer’s Eclipse-based graphical environment helps designers easily configure, build and optimize virtualized platforms in which multiple operating systems (OSs) and their associated application stacks are consolidated onto shared hardware. By using an environment that developers are familiar with, the integration of virtualization into existing development processes is simplified.

Magma Creates Low-Power Reference Flow for 65nm Common Platform
Magma(R) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, announced the availability of an advanced low-power IC implementation reference flow for the 65-nanometer (nm) low-power process offered through the Common Platform(TM) technology initiative by Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, IBM and Samsung Electronics. The Magma flow, featuring Blast Power(TM), Blast Fusion(R), Blast Create(TM) and Blast Rail(TM) NX, enables designers to address power considerations during implementation within a single environment, minimizing the power consumption of the design while reducing die size and turnaround time.

LG Selects Cadence Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic-design innovation, announced that LG Electronics of Korea has selected the Cadence(R) Encounter(R) Conformal(R) Constraint Designer technology as its constraint signoff tool for semiconductor design. The industry-leading tool has already saved weeks of manual effort from project designs at LG Electronics. As a result, the company said Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer technology will be used in their design flow—logic design, verification, and implementation—to ensure the quality of constraints and to validate and generate timing exception data. This marks the first adoption of Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer as a signoff tool by a Korean company.

Kozio, AMCC to Deliver Automated Hardware Diagnostics
Kozio, Inc., the leading provider of automated hardware diagnostics ideally suited for board bring-up, manufacturing test and power-on self-test, has announced the availability of kDiagnostics software for AMCC’s new Acadia 405EZ evaluation kits. The Acadia evaluation board incorporates kDiagnostics, and enables comprehensive evaluation of the AMCC 405EZ PowerPC processor and platform. Customers can have full diagnostics for their custom platform in two to ten days. The diagnostic test coverage includes new test suites for CAN, PWM, and DAC/ADC, plus tests for other controllers.

Telelogic Announces SDL Suite 6.0
Telelogic (Nordic Exchange/MidCap/TLOG) announced the release of Telelogic SDL Suite(TM) 6.0, which now features improved kernel architecture for next-generation protocol development. The new release provides strong support for Linux(R) Host and Windows(R) Vista(TM) as well as integration with the Unified Modeling Language(TM) (UML(R)). These new capabilities reinforce SDL Suite’s position as the leading Model Driven Development(TM) (MDD(TM)) solution for communications protocol development.

CCS Unveils Wireless Development Kit – Ember Edition
CCS Inc. and Ember announced a partnership to offer a low cost development platform for ZigBee products using Microchip’s PIC family of microcontrollers. CCS has developed a new Wireless Development Kit – Ember Edition that combines Ember’s EM260 ZigBee network co-processor and EmberZNet ZigBee stack with CCS’s prototyping board, compiler and tools. With a list price starting at under $250, the Wireless Development Kit – Ember Edition is ideal for developers seeking a low-cost way to start building ZigBee wireless networking applications, as well as for companies who have standardized product development on the PIC microcontroller platform.

LeCroy Rolls Out New Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
LeCroy(R) Corporation introduces new high-performance mixed signal oscilloscopes for the popular WaveRunner(R) Xi and WaveSurfer(R) Xs series. With analog bandwidths up to 2 GHz, a maximum digital input frequency of 500 MHz, and long memory of 50 Mpts/ch, LeCroy’s mixed signal oscilloscopes deliver raw performance and the best solutions for serial data busses such as I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232, CAN and LIN. The mixed signal oscilloscopes provide up to 36 digital channels. All analog and digital channels can capture data at full sample rate for long periods of time, with no compromises, since all analog and digital memory is always available and never shared between channels. Perfect timebase synchronization, advanced cross triggering and fast update rates complete the integration of analog and digital worlds.

LeCroy Adds New Features to Embedded Test Solutions
LeCroy introduces UART, RS-232, and LIN trigger and decode capability, adding to its existing trigger solutions for I2C, SPI and CAN. These solutions are available on all WaveRunner(R) Xi and WaveSurfer(R) Xs products, including the new high-performance mixed signal oscilloscopes introduced. With the introduction of the new mixed signal oscilloscopes, LeCroy’s serial data bus solutions can analyze data captured on digital inputs, thereby leaving the oscilloscope channels free for important analog signals. Initiates Embedded Power Architecture Platform Requirements, the open collaborative organization that enables, develops and promotes Power Architecture(TM) technology, announced it has initiated work to define Embedded Power Architecture Platform Requirements (ePAPR) as part of its commitment to design and deliver end-to-end solutions including technology, software, and systems. The initiative is a collaborative effort from AMCC, Cadence, Ericcson AB, HCL, Freescale, IBM, IPextreme, P.A. Semiconductor, Thales, and Wistron, and participation from current and prospective Power Architecture developers and OEM/ODMs are invited.

NI Unveils LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors
National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) and Analog Devices (NYSE:ADI) announced the release of the NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors 2.0, an extension of the LabVIEW graphical development environment that directly targets ADI Blackfin(R) processors. Since its introduction, the LabVIEW Embedded Module for Blackfin Processors has been adopted by engineers for the rapid development of sophisticated embedded systems ranging from cutting-edge medical devices to subsea monitoring systems. The latest version of the module delivers more than 30 percent increased efficiency in code generation and expanded Blackfin processor support including the $5 (USD) ADSP-BF531, which provides a price/performance advantage ideal for cost-sensitive applications such as portable test equipment, embedded modems, biometrics and consumer audio.

Wind River, NI, Freescale to Simplify Embedded Design
National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI), Freescale Semiconductor and Wind River (Nasdaq:WIND) are working together to help engineers simplify embedded design, including industrial control and monitoring, with the release of the latest high-performance, real-time controller for the NI CompactRIO platform. The National Instruments cRIO-9014 controller is based on the Freescale MPC5200 processor built on Power Architecture(TM) technology and the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) to deliver the processing speed, memory and storage required for a variety of demanding embedded and industrial applications such as high-speed machine control, machine monitoring/protection, in-vehicle data logging and embedded device prototyping.

SafeNet, MontaVista Protect VPN Gateways, Mobile Clients
SafeNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFNT), setting the standard for information security, and MontaVista Software, the leading provider of Linux for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, announced a partnership to offer comprehensive security solutions for MontaVista Linux-based gateways and mobile VPN clients.

Advanced Knowledge Associates Creates LM125 Smart Logic Module
Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA), the leaders in miniaturized, reconfigurable, fully self-contained and high-performance system-on-module (SOM) technology, launched the LM125, a compact logic module designed to enable systems designers to get to market simply and quickly. Based around a high density FPGA fabric and employing a uBlaze soft CPU core from Xilinx, the LM125 incorporates 256Mb of SDRAM and 512Mb of flash to handle multiple boot images for logic and software applications, while supporting a wide variety of standard interfaces.

IMEC’s Algorithms Reduce Mobile Power Consumption by Factor of Three
IMEC developed a design approach for run-time cross-layer control algorithms that enables energy-efficient operation of reconfigurable wireless communication systems. The controller approach has been validated on IMEC’s software-defined radio platform. A reduced energy consumption of up to a factor 3 is achieved by exploiting the available scalability in the baseband and the front-end. The approach is compliant with current and future wireless communication standards.

ICS Triplex ISaGRAF, Beck IPC Team on Embedded Web Controller
ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Inc., the leading automation software technology partner, announced that its flagship product ISaGRAF is compatible with Beck IPC GmbH’s popular IPC@CHIP(R) SC123/SC143 series of embedded web-controllers. Local I/O drivers are available, additional drivers can be developed upon request.

AMCC Bundles TeamF1′s Secure Gateway with Sequoia Evaluation Kit
TeamF1, Inc., a leader in embedded networking and security software, has signed an agreement with Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) (NASDAQ:AMCC) to offer TeamF1′s Secure Gateway Solution software on AMCC’s Sequoia evaluation kit, which features the PowerPC(R) 440EPx embedded processor. AMCC is a leading vendor of embedded PowerPC processors and packet processors.