Technobox Ultra 320 SCSI Controller

The Technobox 4972 dual-channel SCSI Ultra 320 Controller supports two channels – one directed to the 68-pin SCSI front panel connector, the other to the rear I/O PN4 connector. Termination is provided for each SCSI bus, and the termination will automatically configure to support either Single Ended or LVD devices. As delivered, the board termination is programmed as active. However, termination state may be changed by reprogramming the module.

Built around the LSI 53C1030, the 4972 features a 16Kb serial EEPROM, which is used to store user configurable parameters by the LSI BIOS. A 512Kx8b FLASH memory holds the BIOS for Intel-platforms and the BIOS is burned in the FLASH as delivered. A 32Kx8b Non-Volatile RAM holds mirroring data as required by the LSI logic firmware. A set of LEDs on the body of the board convey activity status. Two LEDs indicate SCSI channel activity, another LED indicates ARM processor heartbeat, and an additional two show that termination voltage is available at each of the SCSI interfaces.

Technobox 4972 Ultra 320 SCSI ControllerFeatures of the controller:

  • Provides two Ultra 320 interfaces (front and rear)
  • Supports SE and LVD parallel SCSI
  • LSI 53C1030
  • LEDs show SCSI activity and termination voltage
  • Compatible with PCI-X
  • RoHS 6/6 compliant

The 4972 lists for $695.00. Quantity discounts are available. The card is vailable for immediate shipment.

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