Broadcom Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM Chip

The Broadcom(R) BCM4325 is an advanced single-chip connectivity solution that combines the company’s Wi-Fi(R), Bluetooth(R) and FM receiver technologies onto a single silicon die. This single-chip solution provides the highest level of integration for mobile or handheld wireless systems featuring IEEE 802.11a/b/g (MAC, baseband and radio), support for Bluetooth 2.0 plus enhanced data rate (EDR) that is upgradeable to version 2.1 and an advanced FM receiver. Unlike competing technologies, the BCM4325 was designed in the advanced 65 nanometer process to address the critical challenges within mobile devices. It provides the lowest power, smallest form factor and most robust connectivity, allowing OEMs to drive these wireless technologies into more handset platforms.

Broadcom’s integrated solution offers advanced co-existence algorithms to maximize the performance of multiple wireless connectivity options within a single device. Even as FM radio continues to gain momentum in handsets, Broadcom’s implementation offers the advanced features required for entertainment and live news broadcast reception in today’s handset products.

Adding both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to small consumer devices, such as mobile handsets, presents significant integration challenges for any silicon provider. The highly integrated BCM4325 design addresses these silicon challenges by reducing the overall footprint size and required external components. The BCM4325 is an ultra-low power solution utilizing advanced design techniques that deliver the lowest active and idle power consumption (up to 40% lower than competitive solutions) combined with a software architecture that offloads the host processor to dramatically extend handheld device battery life and reduce memory requirements.

The BCM4325 utilizes BroadRange(TM) technology, which provides robust range performance to ensure consistent connections to the Wi-Fi access points. The chip also features Broadcom’s InConcert(TM) technology, which consists of sophisticated software algorithms and hardware mechanisms that enable collaborative co-existence between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, since both operate in the 2.4 GHz radio frequency range. By integrating Bluetooth with WLAN, the BCM4325 can more intelligently operate both technologies, allowing the option for a shared antenna system to further reduce board area requirements and provide the capability to co-exist with additional external radio technologies.

The BCM4325 also supports all of the rich features included with the Bluetooth 2.0 specifications and is upgradeable to Version 2.1 of the standard. The FM radio receiver supports the European Radio Data Service (RDS) and the North American Radio Broadcast Data Service (RBDS) with superior tuning capabilities.

These unique advances enable the BCM4325 to enhance the overall handset user experience for simultaneous voice, video and data communications on a low power mobile system. In addition, the flexible software architecture simplifies the migration from a single radio connectivity technology (WLAN or Bluetooth) to a multi-radio technology solution, minimizing the software design changes while maximizing reuse of the vast array of mature software available for Broadcom’s WLAN and Bluetooth based products.

The Broadcom BCM4325 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM receiver is now sampling to early access customers. Pricing is available upon request.

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