New on EDA Blog – 2007.03.23

IP Set Top Box Market
Increasing Telco TV deployments is driving the growth for IP set top boxes is growing. By 2010, the industry will reach 19 million units, up from 4.3 million in 2006, according to In-Stat. Even though new box vendors have entered the market within the past year, features like HD, DVR, and digital terrestrial tuners have not changed.

4G Mobile Handset Royalties
According to ABI Research, one of the major factors that has kept average royalty rates very high in WCDMA devices is the fact that 12 companies own 80% of the essential IP, with four of those owning nearly 60%. In order to access essential patents, device vendors not among that top four are subject to cumulative royalty rates that can climb to 28.5%. ABI Research believes that the 4G royalty landscape will be far more diverse, and this alone will allow average royalty rates in 4G devices to be lower than in their 3G equivalents. License trading will be more commonplace, especially in the WiMAX environment, where over 350 companies own essential IP.

Non-Proprietary I/O Gaining Ground
According to In-Stat, non-proprietary I/O is having an increased presence within the central processing, printed circuit board, and IP communities. HyperTransport, PCI Express, and Serial RapidIO have all announced major revisions to their existing standards. All three standards are finding ways to facilitate higher frequency signals and, as such, will have greater per-link chip-to-chip throughputs and higher overall bandwidths.

TimeSys Embedded Linux Webinars
TimeSys Corporation will be offering four webinars for embedded Linux developers. The online seminars will cover best practices for embedded Linux development through an examination of project risk and the benefits of a common toolset. Other sessions in the series will look at technology choices for developers building devices with a graphical interface and an in-depth look at the QEMU processor emulator.