Microchip PICkit Serial Analyzer

The PICkit(TM) Serial Analyzer, from Microchip Technology, is a new tool that enables design engineers to easily interface with circuits that are embedded deep within serial systems using any Windows-based PC, for a very low initial investment.

The new PICkit Serial Analyzer comes complete with a 28-pin demo board populated with a PIC16F886 Mid-Range 8-bit microcontroller. The kit’s hardware and Graphical User Interface (GUI) software allow communication between the PC and several industry-standard serial protocols on the microcontroller being tested, including I2C(TM), SPI and USART.

Microchip PICkit Serial AnalyzerToday’s design engineers must develop firmware to communicate via serial communication protocols to a number of components typically found in embedded systems. The PICkit Serial Analyzer provides engineers with a tool to test and debug serial communication firmware at a purchase price of only $49.99 for the complete kit. Included are user’s guides for both the PICkit Serial Analyzer and the 28-pin demo board, complete source code, selected application notes, and Microchip’s free MPLAB(R) IDE integrated development environment—enabling new users to easily enter the world of embedded control. The kit also comes with a GUI that enables designers to easily analyze the various serial communication protocols, as well as create and save scripts.

The PICkit Serial Analyzer (Part #DV164122) is available now for $49.99 and includes Microchip’s 28-pin PIC16F886 Flash microcontroller demo board, USB cable and CD. Additionally, the 28-pin demo board (Part #DM164120-3) may be purchased separately for $24.99 and comes with one populated and two bare boards.

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