Rabbit RCM4200 RabbitCore

The RCM4200 RabbitCore module, from Rabbit Semiconductor, is equipped with 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, GPIO with on-board analog input, and serial flash memory. The robust features of the RCM4200 support applications like embedded data-logging, remote device monitoring and control, serial to Ethernet communications, point of sale, industrial control, building automation/security and networking.

The RCM4200 is powered by the Rabbit(R) 4000 microprocessor running at up to 58.98 MHz, and features hardware DMA, quadrature decoder, up to 35 GPIO lines shared with up to five serial ports, and four levels of alternate pin functions. The RCM4200 has 8Mbytes of on-board serial flash memory (RCM4210 with 4Mbytes), perfect for remote data storage, optional 8 channel analog input for simple interfacing to a wide variety of sensors, and an operating range of -40°C to +85°C to withstand applications in mobile or industrial environments. Because the RCM4200 is designed to be electrically pin-compatible with other Rabbit 4000-based RabbitCore modules, the RCM4200 allows developers to select the most cost-effective control module to suit their application requirements.

The RCM4200 family comes in two flavors – the RCM4200 and the RCM4210 with varying processor speed, analog availability, and serial flash size. For rapid development, there is an available RCM4200 Development Kit that contains the higher speed RCM4200, a development board, the latest Dynamic C integrated development software with hundreds of samples and libraries, and with all the accessories that is needed for a quick start to development and evaluation. The RCM4200 is priced at $89 (Qty 100), and the RCM4210 is priced at $81 (Qty 100). The complete RCM4200 Development Kit is competitively priced at $269 (Qty 1).

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