New on Embedded Star – 2007.03.11

What’s New for Developers in Windows Mobile 6
This paper explains the new Windows Mobile 6 features and their purpose from a developer’s perspective

An Initiative Towards Open Network-on-Chip Benchmarks
This document outlines the top-level view on a system of benchmarks for Networks on Chip (NoC)

Bridge Power: Enabling Fuel Cells for Backup Systems
This paper explores the benefits of ultracapacitor augmented bridge power systems that provide enhanced functionality and reliability vs fuel cell based power solution

System Interconnect Fabrics: Ethernet Versus RapidIO(R) Technology
The paper offers embedded designers a detailed technology comparison of Ethernet and RapidIO

Visualize with Rational Software Modeler: UML 2.0 modeling
Tutorial shows how to create a variety of different UML 2.0 diagrams, import existing modeling projects, and edit models

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Advanced Memory Management
This article covers how the new version of Windows Embedded CE handles memory, how it is architected, and what impacts these changes will have on applications

Nucleus POS Demonstration
This technical paper provides an overview of Nucleus POS, a demonstration for point of sale outlets

Network Programming in an Embedded System
Paper aims to outline ways to program efficiently and defensively in an embedded system to create application tasks, conserve resources, maximize CPU cycles, and optimally configure the node

C Runtime Checks in Embedded Systems Development
This document discusses runtime checks for C applications with special regard to the requirements of embedded systems development

Multicore Support for the Majority
Paper discusses the communication mechanisms needed for most multicore systems

Registered C
Article explains the Register’d C technique for embedded programmers

Nucleus I2C: Inter IC Communication Protocol for Low-cost Peripheral Operation
The technical paper provides an overview of Nucleus I2C product line

IPv6 for Embedded Devices
This paper outlines the rise and fall of the IPv4 protocol, the advantages of IPv6 in the embedded industry, and the mechanisms in place to transition from IPv4 to IPv6

Debugging Optimized Code
The paper discusses the various problems encountered while debugging optimized code

Embedded Performance Trends
Hardware performance features available for embedded software to exploit are reviewed

Power Optimizations and Fine-Grained Allocation
This paper talks about what factors affect optimizations, popular software power optimization schemes and also brings to light one of the potential applications of Fine-Grained Allocation (FGA) technology

How a Compiler Can Aid Embedded Software Developers
This paper investigates some desirable features of compilers used in embedded application development, and some techniques for making use of these features

Envisioning the Perfect Development Tool for Embedded Systems
In this paper, some of the common problems involved in embedded software development are examined and a new development tool is proposed to address these problems

Three Embedded Software Techniques
Article shows three techniques for measuring and increasing embedded software performance

Emerging Embedded Technology in the Automotive Industry
This paper outlines some of the advances that have been made recently in the embedded automotive technology industry