News – 2007.03.07

AdaCore Rolls Out First Ada 2005 IDE
AdaCore, provider of the highest quality Ada tools and support, announces the first to market Ada 2005 language development environment, with the release of GNAT Pro version 6.0.1. Ada 2005, ISO/IEC 8652, was formally approved by ISO SC22/WG9 in January 2007. From the start AdaCore has actively participated in the ISO language standard revision process. This has enabled us to be at the forefront in supporting our customers and their use of the new Ada 2005 language standard.

Atmel Debuts Three 8051 Microcontrollers
Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), announced the addition of three ROM devices to its family of standard 8051-based USB microcontrollers. Complementing the available Flash versions, the new devices are especially suited for high-volume applications where cost matters more than flexibility and where the code is stable.

Aldec Offers Student Edition of Active-HDL for Free
Aldec, Inc., a pioneer of mixed Hardware Description Language (HDL) simulation and advanced design tools for ASIC and FPGA devices, announced the release of a new Student Edition of Active-HDL(TM) 7.2. The student edition of Aldec’s professional Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools will be available at no-cost to all eligible students based on a one-year renewable term license. The product works on Windows and interfaces to all FPGA vendors synthesis and place/route tools providing a vendor independent design environment.

Fujitsu Deploys Synopsys PrimeTime, Star-RCXT
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), a world leader in semiconductor design software, announced that Fujitsu Limited has standardized on Synopsys’ PrimeTime(R) and Star-RCXT(TM) products as the timing sign-off solution for its 65-nanometer (nm) ASIC and COT design flows. The seamless integration of static timing analysis, delay calculation and interconnect parasitic extraction combined with the high accuracy delivered by Synopsys’ gold-standard tools will enable Fujitsu and its customers to achieve faster design closure.

Lattice Unveils Education Alliance Resource Network
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) launched the Lattice Education Alliance Resource Network (LEARN). The LEARN program formalizes relationships among Lattice and partner companies that specialize in providing technical training services. Through the LEARN program, Lattice customers will be trained in a breadth of disciplines ranging from programmable logic design to the specific design issues associated with Lattice’s expanding portfolio of leading edge programmable logic devices and services.

BSQUARE Creates SecureMMC for Windows Mobile Devices
BSQUARE (Nasdaq:BSQR) has developed the first SecureMMC Client Software Suite for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. The new product supports the new Secure MultiMediaCard specification, SecureMMC version 2.0. SecureMMC memory cards now enable secure downloading of songs and video to Windows Mobile devices, secure wireless financial transactions between Windows Mobile devices and point-of-sale terminals and secure data transfer between mobile professionals’ Smart phones and corporate enterprise networks over virtual private networks (VPN) lines.

RIOLAB Qualifies TI DSPs for Device Interoperability Level 1
RIOLAB(TM), a division of Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation and the world’s only independent RapidIO(R) interoperability testing facility, announced that the Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6455 and TMS320TCI6482 digital signal processors (DSP) are the first DSPs to have successfully passed Device Interoperability Level 1 (DIL-1) testing against all other vendor devices in the RIOLAB hardware library.

Saab Adopts AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Development Platform
Saab, one of the world’s leading high-technology companies, signed a corporate wide licensing agreement with AdaCore. Saab will adopt AdaCore’s GNAT Pro development environment for projects across the organisation and will standardise on GNAT Pro.

Tundra Tsi578 Serial RapidIO Switch Passes RIOLAB Interoperability Test
RIOLAB(TM), a division of Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation and the world’s only independent RapidIO(R) interoperability testing facility, announced that the Tundra Semiconductor Tsi578(TM) Serial RapidIO switch is a Device Interoperability Level 1 (DIL-1) Qualified Device, having successfully passed DIL-1 testing against all other vendor devices in the RIOLAB hardware library.

Enea Rolls Out Polyhedra 7.0 RDBMS
Enea (Nordic Exchange/SmallCap/ENEA), the world leader in advanced device software for network equipment, introduced version 7.0 of the Polyhedra(TM) relational database management system (RDBMS). Polyhedra 7.0 provides a number of significant new enhancements that make it ideal for carrier grade network infrastructure systems, particularly those utilizing distributed applications and data spread across multiple processors, blades and operating systems.

Mistral Introduces WLAN Solution for DaVinci
Mistral Software, a leading product realization company specializing in real-time embedded solutions, announced the availability of their WLAN Solution for DaVinci(TM) to enable manufacturers to accelerate their WiFi based application development on TI’s DaVinci(TM) platform.

Faraday Signs-off with Cadence Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer
Faraday Technology Corporation (TAIEX:3035) has adopted the Cadence(R) Encounter(R) Conformal(R) Constraint Designer technology for fast, highly reliable signoff of leading-edge designs. Faraday uses the Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer technology to validate customers’ design constraints, ensuring the quality of the design before implementation. This reduces design iteration and accelerates timing closure. Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) is a leader in global electronic-design innovation.