News – 2007.03.04 – Late Edition

Micrel Unveils Power Management IC for 2.5G, 3G Mobile Handsets
Micrel Inc., (Nasdaq: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, announced the MIC2807, a high performance power management IC that provides a complete RF solution for UMTS, EDGE, CDMA2000 and WCDMA handsets. The new device, housed in a tiny 2.5mm x 2.8mm MLF(R) package, provides a total of three outputs; a 2MHz buck regulator and two low noise linear regulators. The device is suitable for next generation 3G handsets as well as WiBro and WiFi applications. The MIC2807 is currently available in volume with pricing starting at $2.50 for 1K quantity.

Accellera Approves Unified Power Format 1.0
Accellera, the electronics industry organization focused on electronic design automation standards, announced that its members and Board of Directors have approved the Unified Power Format (UPF) 1.0 as an Accellera standard. The Accellera Board approval this week follows approval by Accellera’s Technical Sub-Committee (TSC) last month.

Cellular Modem to Exceed 68 Million Units
Although cellular modem shipments in 2006 were slightly below expectations, the momentum is building for this market to reach nearly $10 billion by 2012, a 47% compound annual growth rate.

Excel Software Ships QuickLicense 2.0
Excel Software began shipping version 2.0 of the QuickLicense system to manage the secure, flexible licensing of Windows and Macintosh software. In addition to traditional applications written in languages like C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic and REALbasic, QuickLicense is being used for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Photoshop plugins and Adobe Director multimedia content. Vendors can produce trialware, perpetual licenses or time-leased content. With minimal programming, they get flexible control over how many days or executions are allowed, which computers or users can run the software, the security features that protect it and how the activation process works.