Synaptics OneTouch Configurable Capacitive Sensing

Synaptics OneTouch is a configurable solution for developing custom interface designs for capacitive buttons and scrolling applications. The OneTouch is based on Synaptics’ capacitive sensing technology, which includes design tools, products, and technical support.

Synaptics OneTouch Configurable Capacitive SensingThe OneTouch solution consists of a family of capacitive sensing chips, easy to use GUI-based design and development tools, and documentation that takes the customer through the entire process from concept to mass production. The configurable OneTouch solution leverages Synaptics’ capacitive interface expertise with a focus on design integration and usability considerations, sensitivity tuning and board testing to ensure manufacturability with high yield. Expert local and factory technical support is available to customers throughout the entire process.

Synaptics OneTouch is based on the reliable and proven core technology that Synaptics has developed and used over the last 10 years to provide over 250 million capacitive interface solutions to the PC, mobile phone, and portable digital entertainment markets. The Synaptics OneTouch toolset has been built specifically to help Synaptics’ customers design capacitive interface solutions that will enhance the usability and industrial design of their products. The simplified design process encapsulated in the Synaptics OneTouch solution will enable customers to explore the possibilities of capacitive sensing quickly and more autonomously.

Synaptics OneTouch chips use a proprietary mixed-signal technology to sense capacitance on sensor electrodes with high accuracy. Capacitive buttons are sensed using one sensor electrode each connected to one sensor pin on the chip. Scroll strips are sensed using multiple sensor electrode/sensor pin combinations. GPIOs can be used to drive LEDs, to monitor mechanical input switches and dome switches, or as general purpose I/Os. Synaptics OneTouch chips support industry-standard interfaces to communicate with host processors for optimal interoperability.

The Synaptics OneTouch solution is available now to qualified customers for button and scrolling applications. The first generation of products supports up to 16 capacitive buttons, scroll strips, and combinations of buttons and scroll strips.

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