News – 2007.03.02

MOSIS Offers Access to IBM’s 130nm 8WL Process
MOSIS, a provider of low-cost prototyping and small volume production services for custom ASICs, announces prototype and low volume fabrication access to IBM’s fourth generation foundry technology, 8WL, the 130 nanometer (nm) silicon germanium (SiGe) bipolar complementary metal oxide semiconductor (BiCMOS) process.

KDDI, Fujitsu Create High-Efficiency Amplifier for Mobile WiMAX
KDDI Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced their joint development of a high-efficiency amplifier applicable for mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005), a next-generation wireless broadband communications protocol, which offers industry-leading levels of power efficiency. The new amplifier is a result of joint development efforts which Fujitsu and KDDI started in May 2006 to develop a mobile WiMAX-applicable high-efficiency amplifier.

ST Unveils Factory-Calibrated Serial Real-Time Clocks
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) announced its first serial real-time clock (RTC) chips with factory calibration, enabling manufacturers using the parts to simplify assembly and test operations by omitting the time-consuming calibration step. The new M41T83 and M41T93 RTCs, in embedded-crystal packages, are pre-calibrated to plus or minus 5ppm, delivering a new level of accuracy to users of time-of-day clock and calendar devices. Using a one-time programmable (OTP) register, ST trims the internal load capacitance of the 32.768 kHz on-chip oscillator during factory test, ensuring that the parts are accurate to within 12 seconds per month.

Tundra Reports Revenue Growth of 16%, Earnings up 34%
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, reported financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2007, which ended January 28, 2007.

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure Protects SCM
Since 1985, Chemtrac Systems, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of process monitoring and control instruments for water and wastewater treatment. One of the company’s more popular products is the Chemtrac Streaming Current Monitor (SCM).

MSC Vertriebs Announces CXB-CD945 COM Express-Module
The powerful COM Express-Module CXB-CD945 is now available from MSC Vertriebs GmbH also featuring the power-saving Low-Voltage-Processor Intel(R) Core 2(TM) Duo L7400 (Merom). The two CPU cores use a 4 MB level-2 cache and provide data transfers at 667 MHz over the front-side bus. The Thermal Design Power (TDPmax) generates only 17W at 1.5 GHz, which is almost half of the power consumed by the Merom processor T7400.

DSM Computer Rolls Out 96M4271o Industrial Slot CPU Card
DSM Computer has expanded its Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor product range by introducing the 96M4271o industrial slot CPU card. The high-performance module is equipped with a Merom 2.16 GHz processor (T7400) and has as its basis the Intel(R) 945GM and ICH7-M chipsets. The dual CPU is able to access the main memory with a maximum capacity of 2 GB via a 667/533 MHz front side bus (socket 479). The 338 x 122 mm card is also available with Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo/Solo or Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processors for less intensive applications.