VMETRO Vortex M6000 VXS Data Recorder

The Vortex M6000 VME/VXS recorder, from VMETRO, supports dual 4 Gb/s or quad 2Gb/s Fibre Channel ports. The high speed recorder is able to achieve 720MB/s recording performance in a single 6U VXS (VITA-41) slot. The Vortex M6000 recording engine provides an effective platform for a number of applications in industrial inspection systems, medical scanners and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications such as Signal Intelligence (ELINT / COMINT), as well as Software Defined Radio (SDR), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Moving Target Indicators (MTI) and many other high-speed data recording needs.

The Vortex recording engines are the common foundation of all of VMETRO’s Vortex data recording and playback solutions. The Vortex M6000 VXS/VME data recording and playback systems include fourth generation hardware platforms designed to provide the highest possible streaming data throughput from the I/O interface to the storage system. An extensive open recorder software library complements this very capable hardware engine utilizing a common code base across all hardware platforms and operating systems. This provides a fully maintained and consistent API and compatibility across all Vortex recorder, SAN and workstation connectivity products. These high-speed recorders achieve high performance ratings in both commercial and ruggedized environments utilizing Fibre Channel storage area network media in JBOD or RAID configurations from cost effective commercial to rugged and solid-state storage.

Vortex M6000 features:

  • VME/VXS (VITA-41) Recording, Playback and Analysis Solutions
  • Dual 4 Gb/s or Quad 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel interfaces
  • Customizable I/O through XMC/PMC sites utilizing PCI Express or PCI-X/PCI
  • Available as open (customer programmable) or targeted versions
  • Pre-programmed web-browser GUI for all recorder functions
  • VxWorks and Linux support

Pricing for the Vortex M6000 recorders starts at $21,990. Availability is 8 weeks.

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