New on Embedded Star – 2007.02.25

2D Processing
Specializes in implementation of new algorithms-techniques for real-time video and image processing

A leader in pre-packaged wireless communications solutions

Designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality and cost-effective standard RF modules for use in a variety of wireless short-range applications

Silicon Image
A leader in driving the architecture and semiconductor implementations for the secure storage, distribution and presentation of high-definition content

Celestial Systems
An Embedded Linux software solutions company

Designs, develops, markets and supports advanced wireless test solutions

Provides design services, market leading licensable cores and platforms, industry standard semiconductor IP and scalable ASIC turnkey services

Applied Wave Research
A leader in high-frequency electronic design automation software

Company offers hardware-assisted verification solutions

A leading provider of wireless networking technology for control and status reading application

Opal Kelly
Produces hardware modules for engineers and OEMs

Develops innovative technology and products to make home automation affordable, accessible and simple to use for the average consumer