Companies – 2007.02.18

Company designs, manufactures, and distributes an extensive wireless connectivity product line, including GSM/GPRS modems under the iTegno brand name, GSM/GPRS module and GPS module to the M2M market

Virtium Technology
Manufactures memory products for specialized computers in demanding environments such as embedded computing, military systems, storage, telecommunications and networking

Macraigor Systems
Supplier of low-cost, high quality tools for debugging your embedded CPU

Dongbu Electronics
A pure-play semiconductor foundry dedicated to serving fabless companies, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and systems companies worldwide

MorethanIP is a design and IP (Intellectual Property) house concentrating on high-speed communications, serial backplane and embedded system technologies

One of the world’s leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions

NEC Electronics is a leading provider of semiconductor products encompassing advanced technology solutions

Growing technology oriented company that is focused on becoming the leading enabling services and consultancy provider for the semiconductor industry

A leading global electronics company

A leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment

Provides nanometer test IP, silicon debug, and yield learning software solutions

Samsung Electronics
One of the top-ten electronics manufacturers in the world and a leader in the digital convergence revolution

World-leading provider of MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video compression solutions

Manufactures ESL Synthesis toolsets that significantly accelerate hardware design and modeling and reduce verification costs

Leading fabless semiconductor supplier of integrated IC’s

Nexus Chips
Offers graphic acceleration chips for cellular phone and mobile devices