News – 2007.02.05

Xilinx Ships 65nm Virtex-5 SXT FPGAs
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX), the world’s leading supplier of programmable solutions, announced initial shipments of its 65nm Virtex(TM)-5 SXT field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) optimized for high-performance digital signal processing (DSP). The SXT platform establishes an industry record for DSP performance delivering 352 GMACs at 550MHz, while consuming 35 percent less dynamic power as compared to previous 90nm generation devices, and is the first DSP-optimized FPGA family to integrate serial transceivers.

TI Integrates 802.11n WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1, FM into Single Chip
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) {NYSE: TXN} announced two new devices built on the company’s leading DRP(TM) single-chip technology designed to drive affordable WLAN, Bluetooth(R) and FM technologies into mass market handsets. The first product is WiLink(TM) 6.0, a single chip that is the latest member of TI’s mobile WLAN (mWLAN) family, and is the industry’s first device to integrate a complete offering of mobile WLAN, Bluetooth and FM, with support for IEEE draft 802.11n for better coverage and reception. The second product is the BlueLink(TM) 7.0 solution, the latest version of TI’s BlueLink Bluetooth single-chip family that integrates Bluetooth and FM. The FM functionality in both devices delivers FM transmit and receive capabilities, turning the handset into a personal area broadcast device.

CoWare Rolls Out Processor Designer with VLIW Processor Support
CoWare(R), Inc., the leading supplier of platform-driven electronic system-level (ESL) design software and services, announced a new release of CoWare Processor Designer that provides increased support for next-generation Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) processors. The new CoWare Processor Designer enables users to explore a large design space to ensure that the targeted processing power is achieved and the interconnect infrastructure is available to feed data into the processor at an acceptable rate. The latter can only be done in the platform context. Only CoWare has the combined offering of processor development and platform design to provide the full solution. Without this capability, architecture exploration can take up to several months. Now, with CoWare Processor Designer, it can be done in a matter of hours.

Broadcom Creates First 65nm and Smallest EDGE Transceiver
Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, announced the industry’s first 65 nanometer EDGE radio frequency (RF) transceiver. Designed as a monolithic die in pure digital CMOS process technology, this new Broadcom(R) device integrates all transceiver and analog baseband functionality to deliver unparalleled savings in power consumption, size and cost. Introduction of this product marks a significant milestone for the wireless industry, as Broadcom applies years of research and development and extensive expertise in CMOS radio devices to the cellular market to forge an integration path towards a monolithic EDGE system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution.

Wind River Linux to Support TI OMAP2430 Processor for Handsets, PDAs
Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), announced a new collaboration with the leading wireless semiconductor provider, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) to enable Wind River’s Linux-based device software platform and Wind River(R) Workbench development tools, including Wind River(R) Workbench On-chip Debugging tools, on TI’s OMAP2430 applications processor for handsets and personal digital assistants (PDAs). By providing support for the OMAP2430 processor’s advanced, multimedia performance features, Wind River Linux will allow mobile handset manufacturers to develop, test and run next-generation, revenue-generating applications such as video conferencing, digital music, mobile-to-mobile gaming and mobile TV, faster and at a lower cost.

3Leaf Networks Incorporates Cadence Incisive Formal Verifier
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic-design innovation, announced that 3Leaf Networks, a leader in scalable enterprise data centers and virtual servers, has incorporated the Cadence(R) Incisive(R) Formal Verifier (IFV) into its overall design flow for assertion-based formal analysis. With this Cadence technology, 3Leaf Networks’ logic design teams will introduce assertions into the verification process and begin formal verification early in the design process. This will allow 3Leaf Networks to increase its design verification throughput and improve design quality on its complex control blocks by enhancing and streamlining its previous simulation-only verification process.

TI Debuts Single-Chip Base Station W-CDMA Baseband Processor for 3G
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] announced the industry’s most highly integrated digital signal processor (DSP) targeted toward Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA) base stations. This new three-core DSP, running at 1GHz per core, supports all of the necessary baseband functions required for a macro base station – on a single chip. Designed specifically to solve problems at a system level, this “baseband on a chip” eliminates the need for FPGAs, ASICs and other bridging devices, reducing the total bill of materials for OEMs by up to a factor of five, resulting in lowered equipment costs for service providers.

SYSGO, NASA Evaluate AFDX and ARINC 653 for Exploration Vehicle
SYSGO, a global vendor of highly reliable device software, has participated in a NASA evaluation of AFDX(TM), the new avionics data network, as well as ARINC 653-1, the standard interface for avionics application software, in connection with NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle Program.

Enea to Showcase Future of Network Convergence at 3GSM Congress
Enea, a world leading provider of network software and services, will make a series of important product and partnership announcements and host several key events at the 3GSM conference starting Feb 12, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain. With over 60,000 visitors and 1200 exhibitors, the 3GSM World Congress combines the world’s largest mobile industry exhibition with executives and thought leaders representing mobile operators, vendors and content owners from around the world. This is the event where the industry defines its future and generates business.

Wavesat Reveals 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Strategy
Wavesat’s leadership in the WiMAX space is further strengthened with the announcement of its IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX strategy, centered around its UMobile(TM) family of WiMAX chipsets supporting all features of Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 profiles in a cost effective, flexible and highly programmable architecture.

Nokia Growth Partners, Others Invest in Summit Microelectronics
Summit Microelectronics Inc., the world leader in programmable power management integrated circuits, announced Nokia Growth Partners, the later-stage focused investment arm of Nokia, has led a growth financing investment round in the company. The $10M round includes Nokia Growth Partners contributing $4M, with existing investors Norwest Venture Partners, August Capital, Pequot Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Hotung Capital Management and others contributing $6M.

Mercury Computer Wins Two Imaging Solutions of the Year Awards
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) announced that it was selected for two of Advanced Imaging magazine’s 2007 Imaging Solutions of the Year Awards, in both the Medical and Consumer & Commercial categories. In its 11th year, the Imaging Solution of the Year Award is bestowed upon companies that are able to solve “involved problems” with sophisticated imaging technology. Recipients for this year’s award were selected among numerous submissions, in particular for the difference their solution made to solving the problem at hand.

Agilent Debuts High-Frequency SPICE Simulation Technology
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) announced a breakthrough in high-frequency SPICE simulation technology. The simulation technology is part of the Advanced Design System’s new Signal Integrity Designer Premier software suite, providing the high-speed digital board designer with accurate time-domain response.

KUKA Robotics to Demonstrate New Wireless Robot Control Concept
KUKA Robotics Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of industrial robots, announced it will be demonstrating a new wireless robot control concept on their booth #4139 at ATX West Expo in Anaheim, CA February 13-15, 2007. The company will be showcasing an application using a KR16 robot and KRC 2 Controller being controlled by individuals utilizing a Wii controller & Bluetooth technology. This concept cell was designed to show the next step in the trickle down of robotic technology to consumers from the industrial robot market.

Portwell Introduces New 1U Communication Appliances
American Portwell Technology, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the industry of Communication/Internet Security Appliances, announces NAR-5620/5622, a new energy efficient, high-powered 1U CA platform that complements Portwell’s expanding portfolio of existing communication appliances. Combining the latest Intel(R) 3100 Chipset with the Core(TM) Duo, Pentium(R) M or Celeron(R) M mobile processors, NAR-5620/5622 optimizes computing power and energy efficiency to provide the perfect solution for software providers who need a platform with both greater computing performance reliability and manageability, greater power efficiency, higher throughput, faster memory and I/O bandwidth, and faster data movement.

Portwell Rolls Out NAR-7090 2U Communication Appliance
American Portwell Technology, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the industry of Communication/Internet Security Appliances, announces NAR-7090, a new high computing power and high bandwidth dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) 64-bit processors platform that extends the power of Portwell’s existing communication appliance portfolio. Using the Intel 5000P chipset to support Intel Xeon 5000 and 5100 series dual-core processors with 1333 MHz front side bus, NAR-7090 facilitates the ultimate computing and I/O performance for software providers who need a platform with both greater computing performance reliability and manageability, greater power efficiency, higher throughput, faster memory and I/O bandwidth, faster data movement, and protection against drive/data failure.

ScratchGard Screen Protectors Offer Invisible Protection
ScratchGard Overseas, a fully owned subsidiary of Scratchgard UK, launched Scratchgard(TM) Screen Protector kits. Scratchgard screen protectors are made using propriety technology and laser cut process. The easy to install adhesive film protects delicate, and often expensive, displays on screen input devices that are subject to heavy usage.

Parco Completes Largest Civilian UWB RFID Installation
Parco Wireless Corporation is pleased to announce that it has completed the largest civilian ultra-wideband (UWB) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled location tracking system installation in the world at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC. The system covers 2.5 million square feet at this 926-bed facility.

mPaper Delivers Newspaper to Mobile Devices
Pressmart and IMImobile announced the availability of “mPaper.” This unique collaborative technology will enable news publishers an opportunity to tap the fastest growing mobile mass market of young and technology savvy subscribers who wish to read news and access their favorite newspaper content while on the move. mPaper opens a new window of opportunity for content publishers as well as news carriers to offer newspapers on a mobile screen in their original format.

Bookham Reports Financial Results for Fiscal Q2 2007
Bookham, Inc. (Nasdaq: BKHM), a leading provider of optical components, modules and subsystems, announced financial results for its second quarter of fiscal 2007, ended December 30, 2006. Revenue in the second quarter of fiscal 2007 was $56.3 million, compared with $56.4 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2007 and $60.7 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2006.

Broadcom Combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM on Single Chip
Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, announced the industry’s most advanced single-chip connectivity solution that combines the company’s market-leading Wi-Fi(R), Bluetooth(R) and FM receiver technologies onto a single silicon die. This combination of popular radio capabilities in a new ultra-low power 65 nanometer CMOS system-on-a-chip (SoC) allows OEMs to provide the richest connectivity features without a prohibitive impact on product cost, size or battery life. No other silicon provider can match Broadcom’s positions in both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi markets, or offer the low-power benefits enabled by the advanced 65nm process in which this chip was developed.