New on EDA Blog – 2007.02.02

Satellite TV Uplink Driving Digital Video
According to In-Stat, the worldwide Satellite TV uplink industry is emerging as an important growth driver for a wide and expanding range of digital video production equipment and video management products. This market will experience solid, sustained incremental revenue growth, and have a value of $306 million during 2010 (US dollars).

Mobile Handset Royalties
According to a new study from ABI Research, the currently high average handset technology royalty rates – particularly for WCDMA – are potentially the most challenging barrier that is preventing these markets from reaching their full potential. Royalties continue to form a significant share of handset bills-of-materials and present a challenge to the development of more affordable devices for the world’s mobile consumers.

Embedded Systems Development in UML Webinar
Mentor Graphics is offering a webinar titled, “Embedded Systems Development in UML.” The online seminar will help developers understand the software development tools that can dramatically increase productivity. This event will introduce an approach to collaborative development which will reshape software development as much as the discovery of high-level languages.

Consumer Electronics to Exceed $155 Billion
Factory-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics are projected to exceed $155 billion in 2007, or seven percent growth, according to the semi-annual industry forecast released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The consumer electronics (CE) industry generated revenues of $145 billion in 2006.