White Papers – 2007.01.28

Rapid Development of Telematics Applications
Paper provides an overview of telematics and components used in telematics products

Simple Processor Communication in Embedded Systems
Paper explores the use of a simple processor communication method in an embedded system

Nucleus SPI: SPI Bus Protocol Stack for Embedded Software Applications
This technical paper provides an overview of the Nucleus SPI product line

Post-Mortem Debugging of Embedded RTOS Applications
This paper describes a methodology and possible implementations and applications for doing remote post-mortem debugging of an embedded RTOS application using crash dumps

IEEE Standard System C Language Reference Manual
Reference manual for SystemC, which is an ANSI standard C++ class library for system and hardware design for use by designers and architects who need to address complex systems that are a hybrid between hardware and software

Multicore Applications: Programming and Debugging
This article deals with issues faced while developing, porting and debugging software for multicore systems

Using Trace for Solving Complex Problems in Real-Time Systems
This paper provides an alternative for debugging real-time systems and the benefits of using trace

Firmware Over-the-Air: From Hype to Market Reality
An analysis of the firmware OTA market and the vendors, operators, handset manufacturers and business models driving this technology forward

The Power and Flexibility of Link-Time Decisions
This paper describes a basic model of the linking process and examines some shortcomings in this model

USB – Under the Hood and Looking Forward
This paper provides an overview of USB and the direction USB is currently moving for future development

Semaphores and Shared Resources
This paper examines issues related to shared resources in a multi-tasking system, and how to protect these resources from being corrupted

Building the Ultimate Test Harness for Network Devices
This paper explores the difficulty of testing embedded software applications that operate in networked environments and distributed configurations

QFN Layout Guidelines
This white paper from Screaming Circuits offers hints and tip on pcb layout with QFN packaged parts