Telelogic Modeler UML Modeling

Telelogic Modeler(TM) is a free Unified Modeling Language (UML) design environment for engineers, designers, and developers of embedded, real-time, and enterprise IT applications. The free Telelogic Modeler substantially increases the opportunity for organizations to start to increase productivity and shorten design cycles with Model-Driven Development.

Based on technologies found in the market-leading Telelogic Rhapsody(R) and Telelogic Tau(R) environments, Telelogic Modeler features a comprehensive implementation of the Object Management Group’s (OMG) UML 2.1 standard. Telelogic Modeler enables users to specify, visualize, and document system and software designs, including the system’s structure and intended behavior, greatly improving team workflow and collaboration. At the push of a button, users can create a document comprising the entirety of their design’s model elements, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of documenting designs.

Users can easily customize Telelogic Modeler to accommodate their domain-specific terminology. Based on UML 2.1 profiling, this advanced Modeler capability gives users an extremely flexible design solution for a wide range of industries. Additionally, Modeler promotes the future reuse of intellectual property by allowing designs created in Modeler to be migrated to Telelogic’s Rhapsody and Tau Model-Driven Development (MDD) environments. These leading products support the use of advanced MDD functions such as simulation, automatic code generation of the complete application, requirements traceability, and model-based testing. For a nominal fee, development teams that use Modeler across multiple design configurations can upgrade to Telelogic Modeler Corporate Edition, which includes interfaces to popular configuration management products, such as Telelogic Synergy(TM), and full customer support.

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